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You know you get a target set at the top Even if it's a long term one you then have to work out what the pathway is. And you'll beginning to see that for instance in In targets for renewables you. You're beginning to see decarbonisation plans. Food steel sector for example. Coming up now the the the flooding and the and the suppression of news. The flooding i think is an is another issue. That's about the party. Not wing not wanting to f- to to be portrayed as indifferent to the suffering of the people so they are going to try and suppress the bad news. And i'm sure there's a lot more bad news to come. But i think the one of these things that that that these disasters have done and certainly not just in china is to remove the fallacy. That if you do nothing. Nothing changes and postponing climate. Oh complaining about the cost of climate action rests on that fallacy. The idea that is it is cost-free cost loss to do. Nothing is is for the birds. And i think we've seen that you know i equally the the the idea that again is put forward by those who resist the notion that we have to have a transition and that's only can adapt well really The scale of the disasters the scale of the flooding and this is just the beginning. This is one point. one degree warming. I think to imagine that we all to be able to adapt without massive costs and and possibly loss of life is is also a fallacy. So that's quite important in terms of of the kind of political support that you could at this point expect for for a more rapid Transition and the other thing is it's not all bad. There is a better life on the other side of an energy transition. You have cheaper cleaner energy. You have much better. Ed- you have you know a sustainable world. Which isn't teaching on the brink of disaster that can be sold. It seems to me in even even in you know to a jaded population. I mean you've made it possible so now that people are ready to buy electric cars. Although they said we'll never get those they'll have to In two thousand thirteen britain because they were not allowed to sell petrol diesel cars finally on today's show. The tokyo olympics are well underway now and for the duration of the games. We will be having some of monaco's very staff reflecting on their favorite olympic moment from the home nation. We continue the series today with a look at the most recent olympic games. That was of course. Rio de janeiro. Two thousand sixteen here is mongols and brazil's fernando augusta pacheco reflecting on the opening ceremony and the significance of having the games in south america for the first time. I'm going to tell you a secret from a young age of had a recurring fantasy in my mind of what a perfect olympic opening ceremony in.

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