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This time Shaker Heights. Detectives must have known that someone was lying to them. Everyone was pointing fingers at everyone. Everyone else everyone who knew that Lisa pruitt was going to be a Dan dreifort. The night she was murdered. Seem to have an alibi as loose as alibis could be so. who was lying? Dan driver tax or was it. Kevin Young like dance friends wanted. The police needs to believe just when it couldn't get any more complicated in walks eighteen year old Stanley. Kramer Breath Stan. Could you stay starting from Thursday September thirteenth nineteen ninety the approximate time. You went to work at A.. Rabah that evening and relate relate to me as best as you can recall the events of the evening which relate to you of who you may have seen who you may have talked due to an anything that you can remember about that evening. Okay scoops closes about ten and after we closed usually do the mopping at about ten fifteen gene pm. When I was mopping I noticed Kevin Young was sitting at a table right by scoops he was emotionally depressed? It looked like he was crying and seeing songs. Longs I know some of the songs he was singing. I've heard him when I was younger. I continued mopping for about five ten minutes and I saw Kenny Workman come. And it's it with Kevin so I wasn't as worried as I was when I saw Kevin from the first time about what was wrong. I pretty much finished up at about about. I'd say about ten thirty PM. And that's when I clocked out and I decided to join Kevin and Kenny at the table. The conversation up was Kevin and was upset because a friend of his. I don't remember the name at all was in Iraq. I don't know if he was living or dead but Kevin was like hallucinating. Wanting him to walk walk through the Arab cadore so Kevin could give them a hug. Say Hello have you been and so forth I called my dad at about roughly ten. PM I went to get a pack of cigarettes. I at about ten thirty five PM and when I got back I sat down and smoked one cigarette. Which takes me roughly five minutes? I got up and called my dad. Roughly ten forty pm to come and give me a ride home. I went back to the table and the same conversation was up at the table. I was when I left. I have no awareness of what they were talking about at all. My Dad got to the back of Arab at about ten forty five pm which is when I say goodbye by two Kevin and Kenny. Yeah Kevin Kenny I went outside to get into the car. My Dad asked me to go in and get them. A coke came back back in Kevin. Kenny were walking out the front door to go home. Which from my knowledge is where they were going Kenny was writing Dandruff dreifort spike which he had returned that evening and when me and my father pulled out of the driveway I tried to get him the coke. I saw Kevin Young walking up a street. I think it was drexel more alone and it looked like he was headed home. What did you do after that? I had a lot of studying to do that evening and I went home. I watch. It's a little bit of the news just to get caught up on current events like I usually do. I went upstairs to do my homework. It was rough day and I had a little bit of homework to do so. I did have a little bit drink a few beers after I finish my homework I pretty much crashed. I went to sleep got ready for school the next day when you are at Aramco with texts workman and Kevin when young on Thursday night. Did you hear any conversation about a possible party at Deandra. Vard's that night now. I did not. Were you aware from the conversation between texts and Kevin Young. The Dan driver was back in town. we all knew from that day. Kenny was in school that day. I'm almost positive he was. That was the day that Kenny did. Drop out by do know for a fact that we all knew that Dan was back in town. When did you first learn that Dan Dreifort was back in town? It was roughly in between the hour of twelve twelve noon and one PM Thursday noon. Go ahead and explain the same thing you said before. Okay I was I don't have a sixth seventh eighth period so Alexi ratchets in a friend of mine that graduated in eighty nine was up at the school. Ease usually up there just driving around around. I asked him if he would drive me up to the gas station to pick up a pack of smokes. He did so and when I came back usually park right outside the science wing of the school I looked out the window and I saw what I thought was Danny Dreifort which I didn't know at first and I called his name and it was Danny and he walked over to the car and we. We just reunited started to talk and I saw them throughout the rest the afternoon until about four PM. Which I had to go home to go to work? WHO's a friend of yours? And what was his name. Alexi Racha Sin Lexi. Alexey that night data. When you left with your dad you state us? All Kevin Young walking up drugs more toward Shaker Heights. Is that correct yes. Did you see texts workman leave. I did not see him leave. Steve I knew where his bike was parked. It was parked right outside the window of where we were sitting and the bike was gone so I figured they must have left anytime. We're you aware that Kevin having an texts workman had left. Arabica walked over to a place called the shack. I have no aware of it. Do you know where the shack is. Doc where's that it's the rapid transits restaurant right on Shaker Boulevard in Shaker Square. What hours did you work at a Rabah On Thursday night from my knowledge it was five. PM To close which is at ten pm which I stated earlier. How will you know Kevin Young? You'd I know him pretty well. He used to play Little League baseball with him when we were both younger and we had missed each other for a while. After the team ended that summer he went back to school and I went back to school. I was still in the middle school at the time I got up to Think the eighth grade I when I I started going up to the high school Dec- other friends of mine. I met back up with Kevin and we started talking and just getting caught back up so I've known them roughly Lee well since about the eighth grade which is since I'm a senior would be nineteen ninety five thousand nine hundred five. That's what I figure describe for Kevin Young as you know him. What would you know about him? He had a normal teenage life. Did what most teenagers do drink. Go Go to parties on the weekend from what I remember. He did quite well in school. He wasn't one of the types of slack off that much with the school work because he was really concerned with his life when he got out out of school he just graduated the year. Nineteen ninety from the Shaker Heights high school. And he's a part of my group at Shaker Square Arabiya lately What I've been hearing what being Kevin been doing which was maybe about once or twice is drinking which seems like Kevin is having somewhat of an alcoholic problem problem which somewhat scares me? Kevin because I know Kevin quite well and he was really interested in baseball and he started smoking and drinking which surprised me that Kevin would do something like like that that heavily. Could you describe for me what you know in regards to any relationship between Kevin Young Lisa. pruitt okay I have known. I'm known that for the last two years Kevin has had a crush. I don't know if you want to say crush on Lisa He really was not to distract you. Go ahead and describe the relationship between Kevin Lisa Last two years Kevin has been in marching band with Lisa and they were pretty close since marching band is pretty much a big family To my knowledge Kevin has had a crush on Lisa. The last two years and his knowledge came about Dan. Dry for going out with Liza He was very angry distracted about Dan going out Lisa not him. Did he tell you that or is that just from behavior that you observe I. I have heard that from Danny dry for Kenny Workman and once from Kevin Young could you identify the members and kids. You're referring to when you say your group Yes In the group are Kenny Workman. Kevin Young Ken mets Emoto Jerry. Izenberg Judd Osgood Sheena Messina. Ah That's her last name Another one I'm just thinking of now. Is John Hannan and Alexi righteous in at least until he started working at Arabiya and there are a few more are that just. Don't go to Shaker Heights high school so they're usually not there all the time. How will you know Kenny Workman since Kenny's come to Shaker Heights? High School will as a freshman which was last year. I've known him quite well for both pretty much the same or crazy or both crazy well in the means of doing the usual things that we he would do in the Arabic group which is drink every once in a while just party go down to Coventry look for fights We were crazy when evening and we became blood brothers so I pretty much say that me and Kenny Workman or to me tax. Our Darn close described tax. What what kind of person? He is Who Tax? When he came up to the high school he looked like he wasn't as enthusiastic as a normal Tina's for high school? He was like different. He really did not want to be there. It's like high school wasn't for him. I mean that I'm used to it with our group but people normally don't like high school that had to be there was the literal dislike. He stayed in school. He didn't go most of the time. We did a lot of cutting at the end of second semester. Last year I dropped out of school which I really stopped. Stop going to the high school it was maybe about. I dropped out of the Shaker Heights. High School High School was then for me. I was a junior at the time. I don't know I just didn't like school. I came back up every once in a while until I got a job at Universal Printing which my dad owns I was coming up to the school and when tax or any of the group was cutting. I'd be joining them. which most of the time I did see Kenny Workman after the last year? Here this summer I was on vacation most of the summer so I didn't really see in that much. Emma Debbie Dry for had been together which has been a weird relationship broken up. I think about three times and other engaged to get married which really confuses me I mean. I'm glad that they are but I don't see how both parties are really wanting to do that. But this year I went back to school I enrolled again for some reason. They put me up as a senior..

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