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Does from a fringe and well you fit our narrative right like here's let's go let's go bash and push people more towards disagreeing with one another i really think it is motivating when human being tells an overcoming story even if i don't might not agree with everything who they are and what they represent i now can see what they had and i can i can what they had to overcome and i could see real traits that i can now suck into and go i'm going to latch onto this and it's going to change the way i think or at least give me push me towards opening my mind a little bit more and maybe i'm being way of the'real here but i think that's our job is putting forth consistent stories about people who've done it non traditionally that don't get the credit that they deserve for what they breakthrough and do and that's something that's the one place where i'll get a little up on my soapbox about and i don't see a lot of people caring to that degree about really shining a light this isn't an agenda thing it's shining light on people that deserve stories you told so final question is if you were not running complex i know china imagine what would be a media company that you would want to run because you i'm gonna answer it i'm going to answer it first and then you could follow up i'm gonna i'm gonna i'm going to say that so many are and i'm not where we have our own problems as well but so many are so challenged that if i had to do something right now i would actually want to start something completely new that had a ground zero up build of a business model because i think you can actually take advantage of what's going on out here and build it improperly without any baggage or legacy issues or other things what area would that be i'm finding that's a that's good a good you're leaving nick now it's rap and now that you've everybody got that it's over no i look i would go after and it's just something that's near and dear to my heart i love what we were doing with blueprint i think new school business cultural business is completely ignored sector i think it is white space beyond belief and i think there's a huge wanted nece within the marketplace for those stories if i see you go to like msnbc or fox and if i see another thing on mark cuban ilan mosque or jeff bezos and i love all those guys and they're amazing how many times do you need to tell the same story i want to tell a story and honestly i how many kids out there see those stories and go look i didn't know the people they knew i didn't go to the schools they went to i didn't have the connections they had i didn't have the access to capital i think there's a massive swell and a movement that you can solve for in the cultural entrepreneur side of things that would be where i would focus and on blueprint i mean blueprint a law in alone it's an amazing look it's very motivating it's something that you know it was not a moneymaker for is but i i am not going to go do it you end up getting into like the hash tag hustle culture of like you know we i think that gets that gets blown but that gets lowest common denominator like i love gary gary gary's great by the way like bainer chocolate guys don't know but it's like that's not that's not where i'm trying to go like it's not the self help thing side of of cultural entrepreneurial it's it's telling motivational stories and there's no lack of them i mean you can't walk around here or have a glass of rosaiah or an appar all with anybody who's like shit you did what you built what you did want and nobody knows about those right like it's only the top tier of the ridiculous stories that you hear and i think there's a massive play out there for that like that that's what that's what i would wanna do okay thank you very much rich awesome okay cokie thank you very much for coming thank you sir thank you

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