Upping Your Content Game with Author Brendan Kane


If i was thinking. Okay i need up my content game. What would be the thirty thousand foot view. Tim's of strategic approach. Would i be looking at documenting. More about what. I'm doing would be looking at more creating content for specific purposes is there any particular platforms that if i begin i should look at or should i just taste and see what i feel like. I like because there's so many platforms. There's so many things you can do. There's so many ways to do it. What's your sort of thirty thousand foot view knowing me thirty seconds. Well it's the it's the same place we start with everybody to do. The research people jump into content before actually analyzing the different platforms who successful. Who's not successful breaking down. Why somebody successful versus. Somebody's not successful Even diving into somebody that is operating at the highest levels and see their highest reformers Versus was performers. Because it's interesting. We look at science like what's his take. The vaccine for example going to talk about the efficacy of whether it's good or bad but developing a vaccine there's years and years of science relying on to inform their decisions right or wrong. It's not like they just go into laboratory and just start from scratch and be like. I think that this would be a good idea or not. Gonna look at the historical past hundred years of what's working and what's not worked. They they leverage data. The old Anything in science they do. I think it was a neil Tyson was talking about science in in space in all whether it's ufo's and he was talking about how there's so much scrutiny in insci- like you have to prove everything you have to look at data yet when it comes to creative we throw everything out the window. We just say oh. I'm going to do this. Because i think it looks pretty to do this. Because i feel like it would be fun for me to create not thinking about like were sitting on millions of billions of data points on all the social platforms. A you can dig in z. Right away what's working. What's not working and making hypothesis of how that can apply to your message or brand.

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