A highlight from 332: Triggers Broom

Bad Voltage


I'm extremely schedule. This is possible. Act all because it's in my opinion. It's exactly as i was getting. The computer is a novel by. That's what programming is. I'm i hope people would not programmers. Which i it's not like that. I'm they wrote uncertain global friends and enemies delightful listeners. Too bad voltage. Welcome to season three episode thirty two. Oh of all the show though many episodes who who but that seems like law the thing there is the seasons had an arbitrary number of episodes so season three episode. Thirty two doesn't mean. I don't know what it means. I don't have any cleavage of. How many shows actually been. Yeah and i feel like we've been doing bad voltage for about two years but we've been doing a lot longer. I look twenty six eight. That's how getting five glorious years of bad voltage. Anais we are. We're all shit. That's what this tells me that this is kind of what happens. You blink to like eight years. Yeah and what have we got to show for it. nothing wa wa wa. i was doing so online panel. Taylor fell mob comes me. Bobbins like pass everybody. She bolted went above the computer in twenty thirteen. So should probably by new. Is your current computer. That was from two thousand thirteen. Yeah i mean because i bought a desktop upgraded. Bits of it. So it's like that's right trans triggering. Trigger's broom sold canoeist waterboarding chip and everything. But that's function trick. His broom is not gonna make any sense. To any of the americans listening americans with education ship theseus icon i caught. How don decided are either references. No americans were helped by that statement. I want to tell you can see. The trickiest thing is locally specific. I'll also just for the record. The quality of your webcam does not matter for an audio only podcast. Conc- out there. This particular boyd. Yes i mean. I'm i'm not trying to impress if i'd i'll go further. I've never been trying to appreciate. You've

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