Willow Bark vs. Aspirin

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Hey everybody stage popham here. Founder of the school of evolutionary herbalism and. Thanks so much. Take time to watch another video. Here on our channel and The topic for discussion today is on comparing and contrasting willow bark and aspirin. Think it's really common for folks to think about willow really as just kind of an alternative replacement for aspirin as most know. That willow bark also contains salicylic acid which is essentially the main compound in aspirin. But what we really come up against here. And i think this is a great place to illustrate the difference between looking at a plant through more of a biomedical or allopathic lens verses through more of a holistic or vital list lens because when we look at willow bark and just see it as an herbal form of salicylic acid all of a sudden. We're looking at overlooking a lot of attributes of this plant. That are very important to understand in order to use it holistically and if we think of it just as an herbal form of aspirin it can oftentimes lead to misuse of this plant which can lead to possible adverse side effects if you get give it to the wrong person but more often than not what that will lead to. Is it not working in the way that you think it will boy. It really can set people up for disappointment. If you think. Drinking some willow bark tea or taking Some willow bark. Tincture is going to work as well as or you know. Take your pain away or headache or things like that. Quite as effectively as popping an aspirin.

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