From Heroin to Faith: Pastor Greg Laurie's Road to Christ


Perkins I don't remember blue suede shoes I was say blue shoes is that that's the one see anyway. So china. okay. So billy graham billy. Sorta like the glue. The two stories because stephen interesting encounter with billy. He didn't know billy but later in his life. After stephen come to christ he found out he had cancer. He was unable to get any kind of treatment. There was nothing they can do from the hospitals here so we actually went for some very an orthodox treatments done in mexico. And he requested that his pastor leonard dewitt would try to get hold of billy. Graham khazei would like to meet billy. Billy very gracious took time out of his schedule. Met steve on the tarmac whereas jet was to take him to mexico they had prayer together. And then steve misplaced as bible and billy gave his divas personal bible which steve took with him. The surgery was successful but unfortunately he died in recovery and they came into the recovery room and steve was holding the bible. Billy gave him in the last words. Steve said to billy were. I'll see you in heaven. And of course billy was a good friend of johnny cash The would vacation together. They fish together their wives or friends. And johnny play a lot of billy's crusade. So i thought he's the glue in the story and to me. He's kind of the coolest of all of them. If i can use that word. Steve was the king of call as he was called. Johnny was called the godfather of but billion my estimation was the coolest of them all because of the impact. He had on men like that but people around the world some well-known some unknown We have to think of what You said that you said steve was the was the what of cool the king of the king of cool and and johnny cash was what the god cool so what would be the preecha of cool. How would you say he would be. Maybe the coolest of the cool the and because to me cool is justified this authenticity. Its unique. You know you're a trailblazer. You're a groundbreaker. You're someone that thinks outside of the lines that people think in new are willing to take risks and you're

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