WNBA Star Liz Cambage Withdraws From Olympics, Citing Mental Health


Today about Liz Cambage. Um, you know, She has been very open about her mental health struggles. She wrote a story for the Players Tribune a couple years ago, acknowledging that she had been on suicide watch in 2016. She has some D N. P s for panic attacks. Um, has struggled with substance abuse. So when this comes out today, there is, of course, absolutely empathy and respect for her decision to protect herself. But of course, there's more to the story than that. There's the conversation around her partying in Vegas and violating Protocols. There's the story of an altercation in practice or in that friendly with Nigeria, the closed door matchup. How do you reconcile all the different parts of that story in in terms of her, then announcing she would remove herself from the situation perhaps before they had an opportunity to do just that without, you know, without her doing it. Well, I think that first and foremost, the mental health aspect is key. And a lot of the other behaviors and I have nothing to um You know, I have no facts to base on the other stuff that you mentioned. All I know is that first and foremost The middle health aspect and to be able to address and acknowledge that she has some mental health issues and to remove herself from the team. To take care of herself. First, I think is the most important thing.

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