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Yeah. I don't want fans to think that this is going to all of a sudden fall in love with a two tight end set, and they're going to have a full back out there. And they're just going to pounded not that they won't. I if I'm going to imagine what the offense is gonna look like it's going to look a lot like it did last year. It's just going to be that what they do with the ball is going to be a little bit different. They're going to run out of shock on a lot. They're going to spread them out. They're gonna try to run on lightboxes and they're going to try to find their matchups. I think Ryan Switzer even could have a bigger year than he did last year. I that's to me without into Neo Brown without leave you on Belleville more. So he Antonio Brown. I am really intrigued by what the Steelers are going to do offense -ly going into next season because it's going to be drastically different without him there. And so that's all well and good. And we talk about this at length. Plenty of time to talk about the offense coming up, and I wanna get your thoughts on the players that left. So the Steelers lost to the Detroit Lions Jesse James. As you mentioned. They lost obviously, lady on belts, the New York Jets. Although he had kind of been gone because he sat out two doesn't eighteen and they loss Eljay Ford to the eagles. So thoughts on those three and finish it up with he thinks going to be the biggest loss in two thousand and nineteen. Honestly when I look at the guys that they lost. I you know, other than aby. I don't think that the players. They lost are going to have a huge impact. I mean, if you if you're since you're asking me to pick one I would say for I would have rather our would have hoped that fort would have stayed as opposed to schickel understand they tried to keep fort. But I think he took the deal in Philadelphia for more years. I'd like forts versatility at the position particularly in dime and nickel packages with his ability to cover. So I thought he was a more versatile linebacker and more adept to play in terms of what the NFL is asking linebackers to do in space with their movement skills. So I think fort may be somebody that they missed but overall, I don't think they're gonna miss too many guys other than aby yet. I agree. I mean, Jesse James kid good for you, man. I he turned. He turned what I viewed as a very mediocre rookie contract into a big deal. He got. A lot of money from Detroit and years and good for him because I would not have paid in that much money. And so the Detroit Lions get a reliable pass catcher decent blocker, no yards after the catch. We talked about that before Leon del Hyun..

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