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The I Los Angeles two point seven kiss FM that's okay that's that's that's I that's that's Saturday night party with DJ through and sure we do Jerry draw we go crazy LA turn your radio off you want to hear something eight hundred five two oh one post I'm sorry yeah so we good in this Saturday with Julie Martinez and DJ drew this is mention when you work in a focus on fashion got me Hey Dave you and the phone I mean the phone that's expensive no need for them Hey so me so this is a very one of two point seven tonight party chewing Martinez TJ true we obey here man and check this are you all be twenty nineteen I heart radio music festival in Las Vegas is going down September the twentieth and twenty first maybe some of the names from the line we got calls the Miley Cyrus the rapper French Montana to name a few I heard festival com and if you want to get I heart radio dot com slash tickets which tickets now it's gonna be set to go September twentieth and twenty first in Las Vegas les marquises DJ through Saturday night party our kids ever farmers insurance we have concrete evidence that parking under an industrial cement mixer latch just asking for trouble see that.

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