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Six eighty sports leader. newsletters most readers. John well. knows this board close to close the border to border but the pac twelve. is this for two. Wilder joins us here on the toll per trigger and Brooks show courtesy of the my guess line John as always we appreciate the time how are things. are you guys doing doing fine doing fine before we get to the actual football we were just talking during the break about the fair pay to play act that was signed into law by governor Newsome it in a very public for. what is the but it's the bill that allows. student athletes in the state of California to profit off of their likeness or their their experience so to speak their ability it is going to affect until twenty twenty three but the NCAA has been and continue to make a big stink about how this is gonna tear college of sports apart tell us what you know about the bill and what this thing may look like once we get to twenty twenty three are college athletes going to start to be able to make money using their own personage. well yeah you listen the NC double a and it's college sports as we know it will cease to exist twenty twenty three so typical of them or. what is it first of all import the key point is that it's not the schools that are gonna be paying the players. it would be. marketing and promotional opportunities so pick a player Bryce love gets an offer from. Toyota of San Matteo. for him to put his face on a Billboard on on you know the freeway for ten thousand dollars that's essentially what we're talking about the market. is such that they're not gonna be pay and the backup left guard. ten grand they're gonna they're gonna love you know the businesses will look for the the top level most marketable best known players and that's only gonna be you know us a small percentage of all the team so it's not like everybody on every team in college sports is gonna start getting fifty grand a year but the answer really want you to think that because they don't want to this to go into effect because they are well upset what they have known and loved for the last seventy five years is making and keeping all the money. exactly yeah from the people who are actually making it so what happens when the university Alabama wants to pay somebody two hundred fifty thousand but their face on a Billboard they're gonna be parameters on like what is acceptable or is it is going to be the wild west free for all how how they gonna regulate what somebody is allowed to pay an athlete because we know what's going on now but if you do it that way and there are no parameters well hello then everything's is going to be on the open which maybe it should be anyway I mean I'd be I'd probably be okay with that but you could see where this could go were one schools like you're gonna pay made a grand will Pam ninety grand to be in our commercial well wait a minute will pay a hundred forty grand to be in a commercial. white so the money just goes from under the table on top of the table yeah yeah now so it'll be interesting to see what is what you know what the NC double a dis on you know across the country L. on some kind of uniform level. or whether it's just a state by state deal right right now California is the only the only state that has has a wall like this but South Carolina and New York does have legislation that sparkling up through their state legislatures is gonna do some more things and you know that the SEC is country now wants Nick save and realizes or sees it this is some kind of competitive disadvantage he's going to order the Alabama legislature to pass some walk so you kind of figure that by twenty twenty three the end somebody's going to have to give in and allow you some kind of deal maybe they cap it at ten grand or twenty grand a letter athletes collect the money and put it in a trust fund but I have to think that by that point there will be some kind of universal legislation that makes it fairly you know so the threshold basically the same everywhere we'll talk to John will not on the on the my guest sign yeah we saw cal lose this weekend we saw we saw Stanford win but just narrowly in Corvallis I'm just gonna wondering what you think of those two of of of stand for which a spokesman stamper per second we've seen clear regression from a year ago but it you know they also play very difficult schedule and obviously the injury to Costello's impacted things where do you put stand for right now do you think there's it's still possible for them when it was possible to do think it's likely that they'll become bowl eligible. I think they got a good chance that was a big win for them that in terms of you know get into that six win total I think they've got enough windows eight games at home the taken when they're they're gonna be white there are but in that six win. DOT territory I think I you know I look at Stanford and take it it's it's it's number one saying right but. it's certainly starts with the players and they don't mall teams on the line of scrimmage where they used to both office of line in the front seven right I you don't see David Castro just clearing out of running lane or you know Shane schools and Henry Anderson and Trent Murphy and there's guys just. following the game at the line you are they don't have those players anymore and so basically their whole model for success is built flipped on its head and now they're much too you know the more so nasty along the balls well the US role more and that that doesn't work for them on a long term basis. and I was gonna say we've talked about that it's it it seems like the last three years now and then they just yeah that was their identity that that separated them from the rest the pac twelve is that it was an spread an up tempo it was thirty seconds off the clock and we're gonna mall you and we're gonna pound you and we're gonna we're gonna hammer yell into submission they don't have those guys anymore nail and I know they have some injuries but still something the in it's not just this year it's been over the last three years that I've noticed at a change in and I don't think they want to change it is think that's kind of the way it's bad but when you just talk about like the did the big time skill positions in Stamford has skill but it's hard to compete if you want to play U. S. C. style in Washington style and Oregon style a age is that that that that's tough it's like you know they were better version what Washington is you ties right now just physical on both lines and mall you they've lost that said I think Jon they've lost a lot of their edge they have absolutely you know new idol called it football the phone those many years ago and you know the extra alignment and all that and they they don't have that I mean it starts with recruiting they have not recruited the same kind of. big tall guys in the line of scrimmage that they used to have as such under they lose a recruiting key caught in a key cog in the recruiting process. a little lost a couple guys over the years you know I think back to have a guy named Mike Sanford who ended up being not another names play call and then he was a western Kentucky. he would just go fly around the country finding gosh and you know on the hardball guided the that whole edgy style that horrible I had you know that's that seem to stay in the program for a while but it also has kind of faded out a little bit the last few years I agree that we've seen it coming but they were able to mask it either because they had some really good like our single white side help last year but you know having the caffeine Christ's love also helps so now they don't have any of those guys and he day I had that schedule this schedule almost kind of block this hole to climb out into the open because it was so difficult there for a few weeks and so they kind of got expo. now at stop and then Costello's in and out you know and and not healthy and walk a little Sir all American left tackle each he's out he's done for the year so if it stops we are talking back twelve football with a good friend John Wilner of the bay area news group spectral hotline newsletter is a must read and is good follow ray follow on Twitter at John will no one jump over to cal here it what they've done this year has been a lot due to their defense but she's Garber's gets hurt you could see that that was a clear problem for them in the lost Arizona state this past Friday night how much of his absence for however long is going to be a big issue for cal understanding again that their defense is what leads the sting. I think it's a huge deal you know I was in the stadium there and I was at the game Friday night you could just tell you know monster comes and goes at the end zone second half we had one driving they couldn't do anything and you could just be a lot of so many so there was such a sense boy are we regressing back to where we were last year right because I think callous garbage and stay healthy I don't know the caliber one north ninety calories in there they were stacked and they will do one you know eight games maybe even dying games this year because they had a decent offense to support that defense and now I just don't know you know monster because he was ineligible through training camp he didn't get second team wraps so he's way behind and I think it's going to take a couple weeks for him to catch up. and he's you know whether he can do what copper state I'm kinda skeptical and the problem then becomes you know if your office is a very good it puts that much more pressure on the defense evens wears down quicker and every mistake on defense gets magnified and you end up back to where they were last year it you know six seven went so we'll say I've I wouldn't the garbage is gonna be back anytime soon but I guess you never now I called the pac twelve the best just above mediocre conference in the country that's how that's how we organize. I give them credit but I mean I just why they did you know John watches all the games I watch a lot of might is and then you went to the conferences you dislike..

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