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Sean welcome to my office thank you very much this is a real pleasure and honor the book is an one holding it up as if there's a camera but i will for your benfit bob honey who who just do stuff i enjoyed it it's a wild ride and yeah i mean i i my first thought or question for you is whenever you have new project whether it's a book or film i think you know this by now you're a divisive figure mr sean penn people seem to for whatever reason go to polar extremes when your name is brought up is that something that you've reconciled at this point is that something that you remember time before that happened i'm just curious of sort of like how you absorb the extreme way people react to you well i think you know reconciliation with it certainly is is a piece of my life and yet there's the part of it outs as a person among a world of people where i think we all should be considering ways in which we discourage divisiveness right and this book bob hunter who just is stuff while i'm sure for for the the reckless reader may seem again divisive it the the hope and the the offering is that there is a humor in the division right and that where there's humor perhaps there's less division right it's it's honey because i was thinking that when i was reading the book.

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