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Or it'd be like oh look people i it's a picture bigfoot then when you finally cleared up it's just ask this week. We got the loch ness monster. No just my ass again it. That's a fun game in dallas all mystery or eric's ass It's funny thoughts gonna know here exa- she don't tear gas so everybody go look at jupiter uranus or whatever it is saturn saturn uranus Speaking of uranus by the way Stevo johnny knoxville. 'cause they're in the process of shooting jackass four jesus and knoxville and Stevo ended up in hospital doing a skit together with covance pretty kind of hurt and social distance. I think they were no. I think what the prank was. I think they were hitting each other with covid. We need a fourth jackass. I feel like we don't know especially when there is old as they are come on. Of course they're in the hospital on the third day of shooting. Come on pretty say a bunch of decrepit or guys that are you know you got. I mean like stevo is in really good shape because you know he's clean sober and he's he's he's in good shape by me. Bam just came off of a massive drug and alcohol addiction. That he's still just getting through you. Don't see no. Carney has been a falcon family guy. He hasn't done anything in the last three years. He's just been with his kid so well. These guys aren't like they're older than us. They're wilder than us. Say tony hawkes like sixty on tony. Hawkes of yeah. he's old. Yeah but they're all his crew. They're all they're all know his age. They're all from his day. Johnny knoxville is forty nine years old. Jesus really yeah fuck. He's just a kid. Yeah screw that gay and semi all pretty much the same cell stevens forty-six off the yes. Tvos my age Fuck i thought. They were older than us. Pisses me yeah. That's really annoying..

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