Leftists Finally Admit, They Want You to Give up Air Conditioning


Here. It is the july twentieth addition of the new york times book review a book titled after cooling on the free armed global warming and the terrible cost of comfort. You understand it's a religion leftism and they're fanatics. These people are fanatical as the most fanatical muslim. Most fanatical christian presumably most fanatical you. They'll there were too few of them to produce any fanatics so the fanatics that we know from history. That's what they are. These are fanatics. But of course if you've been brainwashed you only think there were religious fanatics. No secular fanatics. Isn't that amazing. Ask your kid off their religious fanatics and here she will say of course then ask other secular fanatics good one day. Something worth asking your kid who thinks that they know something because their college to battle climate change. Begin with your air conditioner threat. They're coming after your air conditioners. This is not a made up thing. This is in the new york times. That's right the guy who wrote it is crackpot. Aaron eric dean. wilson. Wilson is fanatic. Yes oh my god. The quotes from his book. Listen to this. I needed to become more intimate with climate violent. The use of the word violence has also been raped. They rape language on the left like the word rape they raped. They raped the word rape.

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