Nourishing Happiness With RAIN

Tara Brach


It's just as important to open to the moments of goodness in your life as the moments of suffering tech not on Many of you know vietnamese meditation master. He said it's not enough to suffer. You also have to touch peace and happiness and injuries. So that's all to say that we're going to be doing a short meditation and that's really had nourished. Happiness nourish our hearts with rain. Please find a comfortable position. You may already be in it but do whatever adjustments allow you to feel. Perhaps that you're sitting in a way that's alert you're upright but there's also some ease you're comfortable let your attention go inward takes a moment to settle with the brass. You might san says. The breath comes in that. You're receiving this life breath opening to receive feel it enter your body into the cells nourishing and then with the out breath. Essentially of releasing letting go whatever's not needed kind of like a balloon opening to receive expanding and then the deflating releasing letting go unnoticed. You can really relax with the press to relaxing open and a relaxing as you release

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