Carmelo, Point Guard, GM discussed on The Tony Kornheiser Show - 'Is 0 for 31 good?'


We know tear down rebuilt gotta do some things but there they got me if they keep forcing is which i assume that will do not have to keep young and you keep carmelo which i assume that will do now you have a chance at least going forward they the drafted this point guard is going to be good but again the drafted him because he's going to try and goal that's what i drafted also that it's it's bizarre their whole we'll horn a stay i have no idea depends on a gm is no jim's usually want to hire their own code of so phil jackson any early names on the jia well everybody thinks that scott mcclellan avail killings unavailable rested and ready when you get so phil jackson is on the on the list of coaches who were great you cannot make the list without phil jackson is great he's absolutely great he's been topped a dominating force in basketball in one form or another so me a wellknown force for since nineteen sixty seven yeah that's is a very very long time and now he's what he's done is done because camelback to lakers because he imagined under law no no no that's not they're not even thinking about right it's over its over so now a meaningless he wants to coach again he's he's done but eased topthree it's him our back popovich that's it that's what you think popovich guess so over that many your guess twenty years yeah yeah i would say so so i mean snow three and there's nobody else to me i mean i know donnie nelson don nelson's got more wins but i don't larry brown larry's there he's clo i know he's not on as non on that level he warm one right they all one we more than ones on okay so why do you think this went bad.

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