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Yeah the eagles have definitely been more impressive i know that ran for foreign twelve last year so it's kinda seems like it's coming out of the board that team is so strong and in the eagle's despite a good start last year they infant they finished seven and nine so i don't think any of us thought oh this is going to be the most elite team in the nfl and when you look at philly you see that even doug peterson some of the work he's doing this to incorporate brand new players like a brand new running back where he's only knows like ten to fifteen plays going into this game and you make sure that you incorporate if you that he has spot on is a forty plus yard touchdown run and you combine plays with three backs for almost two hundred yards this is just an eagle team now we've talked enough about when set on top of it they have so many other additions that are coming into play during the course of the season to make them so impressive there is a deduction for the word elite oh you guys cheapen that were passed the point of no return kevin got on same question do you more impressive at halfway point after watching the rams this week i'm going to say the los angeles rams number one they're playing with the pressure if there is any of returning football to to la out there they got thirty one year in the crowds thirty one year old assault mcveigh how can he get is done is getting it done golf has come is come alive now these get an opportunity to play explosive players like girlie who can score from anywhere and then don't don't forget their defense they have it allow more than seventeen points in a game since october first so they get net part of their game together two so i gotta go with the rams right now what are you page you saw philly upclose and personal and it's gone your broncos yesterday.

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