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Louisiana had been under french control until seventeen sixty two and it still had a large population of french speakers. Although by the time most of the acadian started arriving there it had become spanish territory. Most acadians arrived in louisiana between seventeen sixty five and seventeen eighty five that included about sixteen hundred people who arrived from france after being deported to france so while the there were some people that like made their way through the continental. Us to get to louisiana award of people had traveled across oceans. First beau soleil and his family eventually arrived in louisiana and they are welcomed as heroes there today. The cajun ethnic group includes people who were descended from the acadians as well as people from other immigrant groups who assimilated with the cajun's in and around louisiana after arriving there the acadian population of canada's. Maritime provinces in northern maine didn't start to approach its pre removal levels until the eighteen thirties and forties. The idea of acadian as an ethnic identity really started to coalesce around this time when more acadians entering politics to represent acadian interests and in eighteen forty seven poet. henry wadsworth longfellow introduced the acadian deportation so a lot of the rest of the english speaking world who did not already know about it through his long poem evangeline. This poem was incredibly popular. Also spread the awareness of this beyond the english speaking world as it was translated into at least thirteen different languages within about a decade of its first being published. There are also multiple fully illustrated editions of this poem. Although in general they were illustrated by people who had never been to acadia and they didn't really know what it looks. Like or pal acadians had historically dressed. They sort of created an image of acadia. That was not really like that. Evangeline tells the story of two lovers separated by the deportation. It is very romanticized. And as you probably guessed from tracy describing the visual depictions it was also not in terms of wording particularly historically accurate. But it did really established the idea of the acadians were in the popular consciousness in places that had not been directly involved it was also adapted into plays in films including the nineteen thirteen canadian film. Evangeline which is cited as canada's first feature length film. There are also multiple monuments to the acadian deportation that incorporate a statue of the character of of angeline and streets squares and other landmarks are made for her during the acadian. Expulsion acadians face discrimination and persecution and hardship really regardless of where they were taken and that really continued..

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