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Hoped whose grand parents never had a chance to vote is now responsible before the million Californians in their right to vote. Then this House Democrats take a floor vote against extremist Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene will look at what's behind California's Kevin McCarthy's refusal to sanction her and what it means for the identity of the Republican Party. Join us right here on KQED FM, San Francisco and kick you, e I f ound north Highland Sacramento to Live from NPR news. I'm Laxmi saying the U. S House will vote today on a measure to expel Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene from two top committees on the House floor moments ago, Crane said. She regretted the words of the past, he says she's quote a sinner who's made mistakes. MPR's Kelsey Snell reports. Democrats schedule their vote in response to newly resurfaced social media content. Of green, espousing unfounded conspiracies and threats to top Democrats. Democrats specifically cite videos of green promoting the unfounded conspiracy theory that the Parkman School shooting was a hoax and online endorsements of political violence. House Democratic Caucus chairman Hakeem Jeffries says Green should not be allowed on committees running budget and education policy. How can you put someone Who is a mass shooting. Deny, ER Who marks the survivors of Park land on the Education Committee. Republicans say it would be unprecedented to strip a committee assignment from a member for actions taken before they were elected. House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy says Green has privately denounced her previous use. Kelsey Snell NPR NEWS Washington President Bynes reversing more trump era policies that his national security advisor Jake Sullivan, describes it will put the U. S on a stronger global footing. The president in the first two weeks has reversed the Muslim band. The ban on transgender service members serving in our military. And today he will announce an end. Two American support for offensive operations in Yemen. Sullivan says U. S plans to play a bigger role in ending the conflict in Yemen, but it's halting arms sales to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Solvent says the decision will not affect actions the U. S takes against an al Qaida affiliated group operating in the Arabian Peninsula. By this nominee to serve as U. S ambassador to the United Nations is a step closer to confirmation. As NPR's Michele Kelemen reports, the Foreign Relations Committee has voted 18 to 4 to advance Linda Thomas Greenfield's nomination. Linda Thomas Greenfield is a 35 year veteran of the Foreign Service and the Democratic chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Bob Menendez. Calls her eminently qualified to represent the U. S. At the U. N. We face an array of formidable challenges both around the world and at the United Nations that demands someone with her skills and commitment to democracy, good governance, human rights and anti corruption efforts. Republican Ted Cruz opposes the nominee complaining about a speech he made that he thinks was too soft on China. Thomas Greenfield has vowed to counter which she calls China's authoritarian agenda at the U. N. Michele Kelemen. NPR News, the State Department The Dow is up 248 points more than three quarters of a percent since the open a 30,972 You're listening to NPR news Live from KQED News. I'm Brian what Governor Gavin Newsom says he won't name a nominee for California Attorney general until current eggy Javi Airbus ERA is confirmed as President Joe Biden's new health secretary, KQED Politics reporter Guy Marzo. Roddy has more The Wednesday press conference with East Bay officials. Newsome joke that California's next top law enforcement officer might be within earshot. I think there are five candidates for attorney general behind me. All eyes turned to Oakland Assemblyman Rob Bonta, a leading contender for the job who happened to be standing right behind Newsome L. A congressman Adam Schiff and Sacramento Mayor Gerald Steinberg are also said to be a Newsome short list. I'm very close to making that decision, But the decision will wait until this area is confirmed by the U. S. Senate. No hearing is scheduled yet to take up his nomination. Newsome's potential replacement for Bezerra would need to be confirmed by the state Legislature. I'm guy Marzo Roddy KQED news. California's water supply is looking.

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