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Is not going to cost a fortune and will sound great okay so as I say you to policy here is deliberately vague they suggest that they are going to update their system to stop recommending non authoritative content how do they define authoritative content presumably the same mainstream media outlets that lie to you on a regular basis and it's winter needs also they say that they are now going to go after what they call borderline content borderline content now what exactly is borderline content who the hell knows anything in addition to removing videos that violate our policies we also want to reduce the spread of content it comes right up to the line Watson do not define the line what is right up to the line look like is in January we pilot pilot in update of our systems in the U. S. to limit recommendations of borderline content and harmful misinformation such as videos promoting a phony miracle cure for serious illness or cleaning the earth is flat we're looking to bring this updated system to more countries by the end of twenty nineteen again the examples are using or non controversial things that you do has an obligation to post videos that the earth is flat not a lot of people but what if borderline content is exactly the kind of content that is politically fraught what is borderline content is exactly the kind of content thank you too gene is to be dangerous but that ends up being at the center of our political debate I mean this is the real question again I don't think that this thing stop to you to policy I think what the left would love to see is these sorts of regulations promulgated on a broader level and so this is have consequences in Canada for example if you cite the Bible if you cite Leviticus I'm homosexual activity you can be prosecuted in Canada the same thing is happening Britain if you're a street corner your shot words will that I guess I can haul you to court is that we want in the United States of America because there are those on what to do want this there's a state department official we actually came from the Obama administration well actually came forward and suggested exactly endings Richard Spangler yeah she came forward and suggested Richard Stengel that V. that the free speech laws in the United States to be re written to mirror Britain and Canada which is completely outside the US is first minute tradition dangerous stuff for playing with fire here and listen you to deprive a company they can do what they want but they're setting up a real opening for competitive sources if they continue to crackdown I'm content without defining exactly what exactly they're doing okay in just a second we speak with channel from the Washington examiner has a couple of good pieces about impeachment and the IG report but first let's talk about a great Christmas gift so Christmas is coming up what do you get the man in your life you can get him another sweater yeah aren't you instead get him stake it's stinky.

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