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Openings and closings and how those viruses impacting your world We're seeing I ride in case count on us for the latest on covert 19. We falter Now this deadly virus will strengthen w n A L. What if I told you that there's a perfect formula to selling your house Fast and For top dollar and that there are investments that you can make that would net you a much higher return when you sell your home. Join me. Eric Stewart, the host of the Eric Stewart real estate shows and W emails, local real estate expert on my Free weekly workshops, where I will give you an in depth view of this formula and much more. After 33 years in the business and over $1 billion sold my team and I have come up with the perfect formula to sell your house fast and for top dollar, The majority of our sellers in 2020 had multiple offers in 10 days or less, and we got them thousands of dollars over the asking price. Sign up today at Eric Stewart group dot com. That's Eric Stewart group dot com or call us now at 1 809 191 04. That's 1 809 191 04. Spots are limited. So call us today. That's 1 809 191 04. I'm Eric Stewart with the Eric Stewart Group of Long and Foster one of 5.9 FM. W M A l Where Washington comes to talk. 805. W M A L traffic and weather every 10 minutes. First on the five years, Lisa Beeton in the Hadeed carpet cleaning traffic center, Jinya. Everything's running smoothly on 95 between Fredericksburg in Springfield..

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