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Good morning. Welcome to the Tennessee star report with Steve Gill and Michael Patrick layhee cold out there about thirty seven degrees this morning at six oh six AM while we had quite an interesting political weekend here in in Tennessee. And of course throughout the country. You know, I'm reminded Steve of that old saying, I guess it's been attributed to is time who said at least apocryphal be he said this at the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome. And well, you know, it doesn't quite turn out that way does it here in Tennessee. The Tennessee Democratic Party which has done such a really abysmal job in terms of having any kind of. Credible alternative to the Republicans. They have elected they're they've reelected there chairman Mary Mancini Mary has presided over basically the uttered tobacco where President Trump won by twenty six points. And where? I mean, they have made no progress in the state house. They're very best candidate, Phil Bredesen's. Got crushed by ten points to spent despite having more twenty million spent she easily won Steve a landslide reelection. On saturday. She got forty eight votes to be reelected. Holly McCall who's been a guest here. The Williamson county party chair a sane person. Our friend got nineteen votes and third candidate got to. So the Democrats think more far left Mary Manzini is a way to go. What do you think Steve? Well, as I pointed out in the Tennessee star story the. You'll adage if it ain't broke don't fix it. Apparently, Democrats subscribe to the if it's broke keep doing it. And maybe it'll turn out different next time. Again, it is it is a problem that the National Democratic Party faces as well as the Tennessee party itself. You can't move further and further to the left when the base in this country is center, right? And in Tennessee, it is certainly a red state. And yet you've got the Democratic Party in Tennessee that continues to subscribe to the we're for abortion. We're anti-gun we're anti border. We're anti-police. I mean, you just kind of go down, the leftist socialist extremist agenda of the national party and just applied here in Tennessee. And that's not where Tennessee Democrats are. And it's certainly not where the swing voters the independence and Republicans that you might you. Wean over to your side if you offered an alternative and they can play. Well, they don't have the best capability that the Tennessee star, for example provides we got the Tennessee. The Knoxville news sentinel, the tentative guitars free press, most all of the television stations, the the national networks have MSNBC CNN and the rest the Washington Post. The New York Times the dearth of conservative news in the country is an issue. The left has plenty of platforms. It is not the platform. It is the message that America's not buying. And when you look at that, great swath of red from one end of the country to the other. And when you look in Tennessee at the great swath of red that we saw in county by county election results when Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton ran against each other. That was completely replicated when the two best Democrats they could ever come up with funded better than they could ever hope Kharaldine, and Phil Bredesen's the same three counties Davidson Shelby and Heywood were the only three Democrats carried in their state wide races in two thousand sixteen just as they were the only statewide races. Or are the only counties they. Carried across the state when when you had Donald Trump facing off with Hillary Clinton, they are at least consistent in that. They have lost the faith. They have lost the following of the people of Tennessee. And they're keeping the same coaches, and assistant coaches in place. We've just seen a wrath of NFL coaches and college coaches get fired for having poor records. And when they get fired they change not just coaching head coaching. But the assistant coaches, and yet the same people who've been Merryman Sienese assistant coaches along with Mary Manzini who've had a horrific record. The last four years are being retained in place by the by the democratic state executive committee. Now, I think the democratic state executive committee and Republican state executive committee don't necessarily reflect the values of their parties. Many of them are elected because their name starts with an A or a B because people get to that portion of the ballot. They don't know any of these people they vote alphabetically. And therefore, you get a lot of people whose name starts with a or b both the democrat and the and the Republican state executive committee. That doesn't necessarily mean they have connections with the grass roots or policy issues that they can advance. They're just they're just the extremists in the party in many cases as a conservative. I'm delighted with this decision to to reelect Mary Mancini you had the best line in our story on this party activists you said are thrilled at Mancini's reelection. Unfortunately, for her party, those are Republican activists what a great line well in Michael Sullivan. The executive director of the Tennessee Republican party actually endorsed Mary Mitzi before the election saying you hook how to keep doing what they're doing because it's working out. So miserably Republicans have super majorities in the state house in the state Senate seven out of nine nine congressional seats to Republican all the statewide elected offices are Republican. Yeah. Keep keep the team. That's broken the.

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