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There were next year. That's right. Pass on the money fliers yet one more time. Got a lot of his stuff today to stranger blues. So I'm thinking about people are not taking him in because he's strange. And then who's this guy? What? He doesn't look like us. I ran this alternative about music Friday. That said, that's the way it is. Everybody acts like it's so strange and so weird. You know, the whole thing about racism. People tend to flack toward what they're familiar with their own people. That's a terrible thing to say. It's biology. It's biology. We don't embrace it. Meaning we don't say okay, I'm not gonna hang out that guy because he's black. I'm gonna hang out with that guy because he's white. But your natural inclination is to gravitate toward people like you. That's the way it goes. See, nobody will say the obvious anymore. Terrified of it. I'm scared of being called racist. It's like, uh, somebody's afraid to speak out against transgenders running school. Putting all this transgender Bs in school plant. Oh, you're home. A phobic? No, I'm just that stupid. And it's time you stood up and started speaking out against this stuff. If you don't speak the truth, who will? Your kids are being abused in school system Because of stuff like that? Absolutely insane. What's going on? But people are being dropped back to their most fundamental Things, meaning they don't care about the personality of a kid. They just care what color is. They don't care about what kid has to offer in terms of being their best self. It's just whether they're male or female. And if they're white or black, Christian or Muslim, it's insane. What's going on in school system right now, and people are putting up with it. You know, you can't stand for this. If necessary. You need to give the bums rushed your school board. Politically speaking. It's Zvereva's What's happening right now in the nation's schools, they're destroying the middle class or destroying Western civilization there trying to bring about a socialist beast worldwide. And so what they need to do is get your kid's head all jacked around. The way they're doing that is turning kids against kids based on their race from preschool forward. You know, this is happening in your kid's school system. Shame on you. If you don't shame on you, if you don't know, tomorrow, we're gonna get it. We're gonna be little rally. I'll be talking much like this tomorrow. I talked much like this at three in the morning. Uh, tomorrow would be hanging out and speaking at this to a rally. Second Amendment rally is taking place tomorrow and fall. Orville 601 North Grand Street and Father Bill, I don't know what that is, and I don't think it's a public park. Somebody said it's ah Private of private residents, but it's pretty big. Harry. I guess there speak expecting hundreds of people. I want to see thousands of people. I want to see everybody come together. That's a member of we the thinking That's hearing my voice right now shop out there. Why would you not want to support the Second Amendment? They're trying to get the second Amendment blasted off the Constitution. Right now, the progressives the same progressives that want to destroy your middle class. Destroy your life as a matter of fact. But they don't want you driving in a car. Think about that. They want you in public transportation. You want to take probably transportation. Well, why shouldn't wait. Why should I have a car? And he doesn't because if freedom is not being selfish, I just put him up to that effect right now. They're trying to condition you to think And your kids in particular that freedom is being selfish. You saying I want to do this? You're being selfish. So what? Get the hell out of here. I'll be selfish if I want to be. I want to be free to do what I want to. I want to be free to have whatever guns I want. However many I want Center. Damn business harmony I have so tomorrow we're gonna rally around that point in the Constitution, which is the Second Amendment. That's Saturday, May 15th, which they're calling to aid a Second Amendment debate. I don't know if this is a deal going on nationwide, but it's certainly going on in southeast Michigan. We're gonna be out there and follow a bill tomorrow. 60601 North Grand Street, 601. Those Grand street founder of, um, issue from 1 to 6. Come on out and stick a hot dog in your mouth. I'm gonna food out there, too. Sister. There's gonna be a 50 50 raffle to. I don't know what that means. The last time I went to one of these gun things. It was great. I want a gun. I I actually want to go out on a dry. I couldn't believe it. I could not believe it. It was a can IQ wasn't SPF nine millimeter. It's the Turkish made, uh, model a Glock. It's outstanding. It's a fabulous gun. It's like a Glock 19 can't break these things. The others like clocks. I think this is the one that I want is the one that they used the Turkish shop. Uh, special operators use in Turkey. It's quite a weapon. You could see it over on mechanic. It's Bill C a N I think they pronounce it, Janet, but anyway, a C N I k amazing weaponry. You're on the edge. So after the bump music Friday, okay?.

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