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Me rhapsody story. Freddie. Mercury. Is that right side his name? Hey, guys fray mercury. Right. And queen. As a great movie, actually, really terrific. I was very pleasantly surprised because I think the subject matter would rip me, but it was a riveting film. And he's a bisexual who was in love with a woman and then discovers these by and then becomes essentially homosexual and his behavior. And clearly missed this woman terribly with whom he could have had relations. But. Simply went the homosexual route between the choices of heterosexual and homosexual which are by sexual has bisexual, obviously. So I've long said why don't we not advocate bisexual heterosexual life? If they could if you can't make love to a woman, that's a separate issue. But if you can why would we not advocate that you do? So and make a family that way. Well, because we don't believe any longer in the nuclear family, consider hetero, normative bigotry. But that's the issue. The woman who just called. This was a critically important point. She's married. Seventeen years to a man. With whom she had relations four times in seventeen years. Turned out. He doesn't even sound to me to be by sounds to me. And I think he would he was gay. They've come out as gay. She resents the fact that he. Portrayed himself as heterosexual. I think that the man tried a noble thing, I think he wanted to make a family and try to lead a life that he was not capable of leading. I don't I don't resent him for it. I mean, I don't know him. And there may be other reasons to resent him. I don't resent him for that. I don't know why one would stay all those years given. Having sex once in four years. But she give her credit to because she probably wanted to stay for the children. So everybody made sacrifices, but she said something else. She said she regretted that she had not lived together with him prior to marriage. I don't think you have to live together. Fact that data are the people who live together divorce at a greater rate than people who don't live together before marriage. The reason for that is not moral has nothing to do with morality the reason for that is that people who live together are much less likely to separate because it's so hard to if you're living together. And therefore a lot of people who shouldn't get married. Do get married people who would have broken up if they were not living together. People who would have broken up if they were not living together a living together and therefore didn't break up and therefore married. Advisedly? But she said another thing she wishes that she had the reason that she said that is I would have known him. And I would have realized that this ban is not interested in women, which is why I have said, and I I know that many religious Jews and Christians differ with me on this. And they are my allies, and we agree on ninety five percent of issues. But we don't agree on this. Or not all some do agree. I do not believe that one should desist from any sexual contact prior to marriage precisely to find out whether you have somebody compatible it is better to know that prior to marriage than after marriage. I am for keeping intercourse reserved for marriage that I do advocate, but there are many things at one can do to find out if one is with somebody compatible in that arena. Okay. There you go. John in Houston, Texas. Hey, john. Thank you for calling. Thank you, Dan. You're welcome. I would just like to say for one that bisexuality is not a fifty fifty thing you're either predominantly more attracted to one sex. And you are the other just like to start out by saying that I chose when I found out that my girlfriend, and and which became my wife was pregnant with my son, I made the conscious choice to practice hetero. Normative life to being a strong male role model for my my son. I believe and the traditional family, and I didn't have that growing up by my my dad left at a very early age. She left when I was seven years old, and I grew up without that father in my life, and I wasn't gonna do that to my son. So it was a conscious choice on on my costs. So to obviously, I can't resist asking based on your opening comment that by very few were fifty fifty. To which sex. Did you incline? I cried more towards women to be honest with you. I didn't mind being with a man. I I enjoyed it. It was fun for me. But I definitely if I was to go into say a bar, and I was looking for a hookup that night. My my choice. I would've I would've looked and I probably would have left with the woman that night. But if there was a very attractive man that I saw that. I that you know. Struck me in a in a certain way, I you know, I might make overtures towards that. That's fascinating. So what do you think? Then if my opening a thesis here that we should advocate that bisexual 's lead a heterosexual life. I absolutely think it's I think it's a great idea, especially if you're if you're planning on a family, if you're planning that, you know, and that's the road that you want to go you should you should try to to to live normal life. I believe children absolutely benefit from a strong male role model and a strong female role model in their life. You're a special man, my friend. This is why I love my work. We'll be back in a moment. I'm Dennis Prager. The Dennis Prager show.

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