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To J s work dot com To schedule a free contactless inspection. J s work dot com. Robin laid traps Storm team for four day forecast with Amelia Draper We'll have some widely scattered showers and thunderstorms out there on this Monday evening with partly cloudy to mainly clear skies otherwise lows tonight Fall into the sixties. Plenty of sunshine tomorrow most if not all of us have a dry day. But by the late afternoon and evening hours, some thunderstorms and showers are possible, especially in central Virginia. Think areas like Ray in Charlottesville with Highs tomorrow in the loaded mideighties. There's the chance for a few morning showers in spots on Wednesday and then partly sunny skies throughout the day. A Nice day on Wednesday with highs in the upper seventies to mid eighties partly sunny on Thursday, another pleasant day out their lives in the upper seventies, Too low eighties. There is the chance for some late day thunderstorms on Friday with Lies in the low to mid eighties and storm team for meteorologist stimulate a Draper. Let's take another look at storm team for radar. We have some showers and thunderstorms that air in central and eastern Prince George's County, and they're pushing east into Arlon Arnold rather an Annapolis other parts of Anna Randall County and soon to cross the Chesapeake Bay to the eastern Shore. It's 70 degrees in Washington are low tonight 65. 7 30 Thiss is w t O p Your source for today's top news, traffic and weather always connected. And constantly updated in your car at home at work and on the go. W T O p. Never miss a moment. Good evening. I'm Dimitri Sodas with Alicia A. Belson at the editor's desk..

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