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So those remittance they look at the remittances, they look at illegal alien hotspots various places in New Jersey, they look at housing permits. Graduation rates, and it's a long analysis. You may look it up. They've determined in two thousand six that there were I think twenty million maybe they said. No. I haven't finished reshape the word surprise. No every other government study. Poll immigrants and say are you here illegally? Okay. Then no. I haven't finished then to famous Pulitzer prize winning investigative reporters Barlett and Steele spent a year investigating illegal immigration. Also in two thousand six coming out simultaneously one year, they have their own entry in Wikipedia, and they said three million are coming a year that was in two thousand six even if it went down to two one million a year, even if there was a cutback we are up to fifty or sixty million illegal aliens. And and look every government study and serious study has said that's not an excuse me that undocumented immigrants to this country have no higher rate of crime than any other group of Americans. What you doing? What you do in audio Samarra? Is you do your next searches looking for illegals who have committed crimes and you stack up your anecdotes? Yeah. That's exactly what you did. I've read the book, and the point is this is such a bogus methodology that you use just use this anecdotal evidence. You could take a series lying. You get back to what I actually could take any ethnic group any subgroup in the United States and do next searches and find that they've engaged in crime all the Jews on Wall Street who have committed insider trading abuses. Why don't we crack down on the Jews on Wall Street or even better all the wasps in Greenwich? Connecticut, go to the crunch walkie get drunk and then engaged in DWI is in gang. Long responded without. Connecticut. No, it's the same methodology Coulter is now methodology. That would be a very good point. If that's what I did. Absolutely. Not what I do is. You will read at the beginning. This is you're saying there's some grave not true. But would have been a fantastic response. If that's what I did. And what I did what I did. And you can read it very clearly as I said, well, the government is hiding the information on how many immigrants are in prison. I looked and I looked and I looked, but I spent a long time looking for some kind of report how many why don't we know? We know how many Samoans have battery powered radios. The census information collects information on how many people have stair railings that are broken whether you have mold in your shower, but they can't count in prisons where you had a lot of contact with government officials policemen judges parole officers the prison guards, they refused to count. How many immigrants? Spiracy that has gone back. Still talking still talking responding to his lie about what my book does. So I go through your book, you skip the chapter where I say, they will not tell us. They will not tell us this is very suspicious. Concealing?.

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