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Welcome back to part two of the scarborough show. This is by kurt editor. Dave scofield with me as always my big brother rich rich still doing great. Welcome to the sco brew show. Because i got to say that the second half now because i got to say it was such a such a big victory predated again. Bro again. wasn't Yeah it was it. Oh you should. You should have heard wet. Kyle sound like our living room. 'cause you know we got that lead thirteen to ten and defense comes out and i'm like okay. Let's hold them and get the ball back and get out scored touchdown now that they blocked punt. You should heard the two of ood. It was it. I know exactly what you mean. Yes it was the punt who. That's the thing i wanted to talk about. I was i was not sure. What the off. The offense could get enough done in this game. The offense scored on every possession. They had in the second half except when they took victory formation. Now the only got one touchdown right but then also just show those changes that went on at half time which i never thought of that 'til you brought. That was if you're stumbling onto part to in part one you gotta go back and do it. Because rich brought up the point of did the steelers specifically have a different game plan for the second half because they know how much the who they play the bills how much the bills are notorious for halftime adjustments. And that was a really good point. Very appoint If that's it that's just that's one of those one step ahead. Coaching moves if that's what they did but even if it wasn't i like it but it's also the symptom of too often had to do in the second half was what our defenses trying to do to the steelers. They're crowding the line of scrimmage to take away the run in the short pass because they don't think that you're gonna beat him otherwise the steelers had to get the ball beyond that beyond the box is the basically say had to get the ball beyond the box extendable sidelines. Because i mean if all you're doing is pitching the ball out to yards. Behind the line of scrimmage yards past line of scrimmage. all the way to the sideline. that's not much either. You had to get that ball past that zone and actually to exploit that defense. If you want to know what you're talking about did you. Did you watch the whole monday night. Game last night. I saw very little the money and i gave us. I'd actually yeah. I turned it on. I was all the turnstile right. I saw the turnstile at right tackle for the yes. That was pretty. Yes about twenty snaps. Total and like three or four of them involve the turnstile. Oh i mean i was. I was working on stuff for the site. But i made sure i was tune into the last five minutes of of regulation and in overtime. And on the second touchdown. If you know what. I mean where they almost go with a you saw highlights. Where the. The raiders scored a touchdown. Guy was down. I felt the ball should have been spotted. The half yard line. they put it at the one. The only get a half yard of the next play than the penalty that turnover. Anyway but touchdown at the end of the game. Baltimore had everyone at the box. And all the raiders had to do was run a play beyond it. And that's what they did. you know. now it's not gonna be that easy because they completely sold out the ravens had but at the same time. That's kind of what the are going to do. They need to have that next level play because teams. Just don't believe that. That's the way that the steelers will be able to beat them. But you know the tight ends weren't targeted a bunch in the game. But when they were huge so love inter what i call it. An intermediate past the abra. N- one of those nice intermediate passes to move and they were both perfect. Just what we need it. Yeah and so. I kind of what. We didn't talk too much about the offense. So i wanted to do that before we move onto this week. And that is the tip. Fifty four yards of offense in the first half. That was the big talking point. All this can't score but they scored on every drive. I have a hypothetical question for you. Yup steelers the big punt block in touchdown regular punt. What did you think the offense would have done their kick the field goal. I think they would have got at least three. Yeah so i still had the confidence in the offense there because that was still was packing and we were going to have different mentality. We were going to have these field position and it was. the offense was still an attack mentality. They i mean they had a three point lead at the time correct. Yup if i recall right down on their previous possession yup took the three point lead. I still think they they wouldn't have been playing it. Some you know. Play taking it easy like they did when they got when they got the ball. The last time to go get the field goal. They weren't. I wouldn't say they weren't going for the jugular. They were doing what they needed to do. If you know what. I mean so i i still had confidence that were put points on the board there because it seemed that the way it was the way things were going teams are going to see what the steelers did in the second half air and it's not like they were like oh lights out super impressive. But they're going to say. Hey we gotta be ready for this data. The other thing i mean. How much confidence do you still have in this. Do you have in this offense right now. After that game. We'll see there one. I didn't have a ton of of of confidence in going into the game. I didn't have a lot of confidence in them at half time. Yeah what the second half offensively gives me is is a glimmer of excitement. The thoughts of what could be yes. Yeah i liked not what his name. Yeah but they showed me what could be. Yeah and i mean kevin. Dotson didn't have very good game on the line. Dan moore junior long. I wouldn't call it an awful game but he doesn't the dominant you beijing down. You saw exactly. He wasn't it wasn't like he was they. Oh my goodness look what he just did there. I thought trae turner handsome really good moments you know. Dan moore struggled early but did much better in the second half kendrick. Green is a very emotional player. I think that's why he was pulled out for three plays. I think he was getting a little bit too much. But i mean he moves well in space. I mean not just that klay run. Where if clayton used him a little bit better like oh. He missed the block. No klay paul move toward the guy could get around his blocker right. Klay poop expect. You're live in the move like you're you're wide receiver right..

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