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Bergerow back in the case now pure expands shattered through the goalmouth mcevoy coming down from the point which is out of his reach mcevoy swingset back of an marchand farside far shares not a far point tried to escape copa tucked far circled up york far point now mcevoy gets it ballpark corner he'll center brad grandma again jeff tarango on each side post quiet stretched out of it quite held up well it will a onenothing way you want you get cycling the pot down loan it doesn't just happen to be three forward site when the park you get your deed hall and that's exactly what mcevoy does hair starts out of the left point one the feds for go through that's kevin miller mcevoy rotates over to the left side there to move a buck back of he's going to get it in the left wing circle the king switching off and the past the brad marchand past jake muhsin and in front of andrzej jayco petar at brad marchand gets just enough it's a pass from the left wing circle marshon going that gets his backhand on it and just past the outstretched leg of jonathan quick through its one king's nothing stober fourteen minutes left here the first nash challenge quickness save he spot a couple up here in the early going other me couples diplomat he's had a couple of all soft trump on the streams far corner dion nash farside dashed proud of cycle it download senate over to the near corp toronto this line key to the foul whoa take it away a mattio just recently made his nhl debut honest road trip will set it out to settle rice mcevoy chap at at the pot crowded wessel just wide as dusted got a stick free here's mcevoy leftwing feed agostino ducks around a cheque hits to the red line he'll backhanded that an air circle occasional bruins look at a complete a change hot at center ice roads cut off a pass from the king sears pearson reach in court posture not sticks back in his own zone to the middle now debrosse wields out a line right side pockets bounce an endless slot thrived at wide and if you're group in the mid one four worked at time didn't get a lot on the show just wide to the.

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