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Um and uh if this is right which i'm pretty sure it is because i hear consistently from state department colleagues uh that doesn't bode well for the health of the state department going forward what do you think you mentioned that the budget and these future challenges like cyber at but also biological uh uh development of new weapons perhaps of the kind we haven't seen uh what are the most important things to invest in that were not that the chinese and the russians are we're all give you a few examples i i think is the main thing that we were not investing for a long in for a long time that the russians were investing in uh was our nuclear arsenal and i'm i wouldn't it all recommend doing the things that the kinds of things that they were doing a but what they were doing was a reminder that we needed hours at china's a much more challenging in many ways the chinese are not only trying to catch up with us qualitatively and quantitatively they have a long way to go um but uh they're trying but they're also are makinen targeted and much more strategic investments as a government in technology for example in quantum computing which will be revolutionary uh in certain aspects of biotechnology and uh they remembered china is a communist essentially dictatorship and so it is able to make these calls and to have consistency any unity of military purpose economic purpose and political purpose uh that a liberal democracy like the united states and we like it that way cannot do and we need to protect our businesses as well as our of our values like freedom and uh our uh security from the ability of china to behave in this way i believe that we have no adequate economic playbook for competition with china secretary ash carter.

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