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Good nine. Because sometimes i'm like i don't know dude but like still really solid show so as much as i like not like out there looking for hollywood stories to watch. This is working. Great shows there about human condition and how sad it is to be a human paul water bottle to moments. I think one is the main my wrapping up speech. The tom selleck moment when he calls her. Or we think we don't actually know not. It's the only time in series where she didn't have it on speakerphone. So we're not quite sure. And then there's a late reveal about her character that kind of changes your perspective which she was a girl who grew up with a back brace and that kind of changes do they can. What kind of person would maybe that teen girl turn out to be easily one yet that you need to. You need to change as incredible. That is incredible moment. Yeah do i have to use the curb scale. You don't you can put anything you want on scale. You can throw a bunch of share. You can do curb teen being how to with john wilson nice. Wow i just thought pilot very good. Very good wakes okay. Yeah that's all other conversation. We could talk twenty two to join. Joe got excited because he recommended me that i watched it chain being. How with john wilson. I'm gonna say this is a nine one season one is nine okay. This isn't too. What about is into season. Two of the comeback is a bit of a different type of tone. I think because the distance of the character and time. It's a little bit different. But i'm gonna give the original standalone season one nine out of john wilson's look. You can throw curb on it as well. 'cause i'm curious to hear. Curb lives outside. probably an eight out of cope. Wow credible wow great and borak horsemen. Do you watch it at all. Or it's not. I do but i i hate the opening. Credits of budget horsemen skip. Skip intro every time. I think there's some magic but it goes on a bit too long The the magic should have been a bit shorter. Everything i've only watched to columbus sides did not really care for all right guys as hard as a person who just ridden animation pilot and my manager did not love it. I'm telling you hear. Animation is hard but oh my god. What a great discussion i. I'm really pumped. Because i i'm really grateful paul utah. I'm grateful i'm grateful ungrateful as a yoga person that i am. You told us to watch comback. It gave me so much joy and and it made me feel all the pain of the world watching it. So i thank you for that. I feel like we killed the comedy out of the show. Yeah i don't know if we actually made exciting for people to lie to watch. Like i don't i don't think so. I mean we probably turned off some people from watch but that was not our intention. What do you think all right. Well paul is there anything we should know about. People can find you or is it all. Is it all secret secret life. You live in the place that i don't know about. There's no secret. hi. I'm just launching long form improv. Launching a long form improv school in south africa in the next couple of months plan to do it last year but covert of course all of that And as much as i like improvising online. It's not quite the same. It's not the same as forming a human connection with someone. So i'm using the chance to really look farther foundations and understand what i want to build When we come out of this 'cause it will screen and it's a great time to take it and then hopefully when the world comes back to normal just put it all out and create stuff again. Joel what about you. What are you got going Check out my patriot. Pitcher on dot com slash. Joe bail my first issue of my new horror. Comic bottoms up. So even if you're who a dollar subscribe on pay trump for a dollar a month you get a thirty plus page comic book plus all my other stuff. It's actually stupid. What you get for the price stupid. It's it's a little ridiculous but it's there so check it out you don't wanna subscribe. There's also you know my gum boards store which will have all my comics as well if you wanna pay more for the comics. Check it out guys. You should check it out as happy subscriber person who actually does read all the stuff that joe sense i am. I'm very pleased. Very pleased with makes makes my day a lot of times. I'm happy to hear that. And i'm going to start teaching. Tv writing a script anatomy. The best. I think you need riding school in the universe but it's the classes are not open yet for me but i will let you know when they do. Well well thank you guys. They watch all for thank you Keep the base going dude. A thank you joe for hosting twenty twenty one twenty twenty one yard having a year. Thanks you elizabeth salute for artwork. Thank you as i walk away. Thank you thank you. I walk for this amazing..

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