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End wasn't funny no don't fucking room i two flips onto pixar movies fucked up five crossover imagine i don't know you and i disagree on pixar a lotta time true i alluded i bet there's two we'll talk whenever we guest this we never pay it off all five of mine anderson won the oscar for best animated feature oh really well that's those are the criteria i was just doing the research all fives happen to win i was going through research of our past lists and i i don't know how i did this or how i rationalize this and be sensitive but pixar was my number one on directors to do a propaganda film on me directors i just consider pixar said anyone over at pixar pixar most of their it's kind of rare that you see brad bird who wrote and directed usually there's at least two directors and multiple writers a lot of times i think the credited director is an like they'll have a lot of people have hands in molding that story you know what i'm saying the writers producers to the director but that's that's where it was represented on a pass list as far as pixar goes obviously we top five animated villains if we'd just done straight animation we did animated films i think i think but here we go so let's go top five to one and i almost have tie like number one i mean my my number five i it hurts me to leave pictures number to go ahead you do your thing number five for me apropos to wealth profession brought nothing stop is the incredible don't try bring apropos i love the incredible two thousand four written and directed by brad bird won the oscar for best animated feature features my favorite pixar villain syndrome syndrome great we talked about the if i have so at this point we're splitting hairs where picking nits where we're doing all the things say the parse out what are five very good movies and our top five if i have to if i have to put the incredible behind the others it's it's a little less of an emotional impact but it is a fantastic thrill ride this is a fun fun fun fun picks to kids action movie and as such it's perfect for what it is perfect for what it is i love the original criminals number five from me skip right past it what more more all right so what what i'm leaving off lists that hurts me and i don't know if you've seen it bugs life didn't you sign it to me i saw it like three months ago okay i love that bugs like it's good it's all pixar pixar movies are good to some extent i liked the bugs life i found it to be just a little north of okay it was good but didn't quite make my list instead beaten out for my number five is a movie that i think you're gonna disagree and give me some give me some issues you're giving the business about but i love up is a great movie up has the balls up very to open with a ten minutes segue that ten minute little short self contained peace yet shows yet man fallen in love with a woman married they have they have all the same similar interest in their life looks cold and until that end of that first ten minute opening sequence the when i think of up i think of opening vignette that ten minutes seen the beginning and it is magnificent it's among the best things ever seen committed to film it's so good it's had the balls to do that and get you to become an emotional wreck before the movie's really even begun and then you gotta go on this like this wims ecole lark him sort of adventure.

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