Manhattan DA Cy Vance Probably Coming for All Conservatives in NYC


The descent into absolute chaos brought about by the liberal tyrants that are now running our country doesn't end in the sad now Sorry state of New York City where the ridiculous Tyrannical, grotesque prosecutor in New York City. Cy Vance was trying to prosecute the trump CFO for Yeah, Yeah, free parking. I just got a text from a friend. Kathy. She's listening to show on the great Wael. She says To me that cases Dan, if you were thinking about going to New York anytime soon, you better stay out of there. Say that guy will come for you to and you know, you kind of, say it with the Winky Emoji guy, But that's not really Winky Emoji guy gets really true now like you're a conservative, you're really in danger in New York are being prosecuted for like jaywalking. Or free coffee in the office. Did you pay taxes on that coffee? That's a fringe benefit. Well, Jimmy, do you have an A C when I was correct? I don't have crazy curate. Craig, I don't have one of those. Not my bag of donuts. Really? But what do you think? One of those little things I don't know. Maybe 10 cents 15 cents, folks, that's taxable. It's gotta be right. I mean, it's a benefit Is Cy Vance. Looking into

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