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Be people archrival a loyalist to the president why would that change the next time someone runs or the next time the party comes together why would they all of a sudden be fractured since they've proven nipple come together in vote for someone that everyone's a little iffy ah what well with the republican base will will will do that but then if the larger electorate and you know keep the keep in mind that you still have this universe of of independence of uh of women of minorities of young people were watching this having a very very different reaction at there was there was a lot of talk about how the republicans would be able to distance himself from the worth elements of trump is but right now they own now the bait this this is donald trump's party i think if anything it's what it become worked from like the madonna from the face of the republican party today guys like more warren kelly word made the face of what it's becoming now again you can win some elections but what is the longterm trajectory of a party that the goes napping in after you haven't argued the longterm outlook is not optimistic me a throw out a large segments of the population who would wouldn't vote for people like that we're talking to tori sites his new book is how the right losses mind you talk a lot in the book about william f button yeah i'm gonna ask you after the break is there a william f buckley that's out there that could be the next person the kind of push back against that rubin this radio 620 wtmj joining me on the line is the national republican front runner donald trump the morning sir i charlie is it from if you cannot unite conservative he can't unite republicans how do you think you'll ever unite the country but he carter that so but i remember it remember when not we're not only had five eight when we're not all playground were running for president in i i agree with that one hundred her that mr trump before you called into my showed did you know that i'm a hashtag never trump that i that i did not okay well because i was it was thought it was interesting and people wondering does the donald trump of no would charlie sex instead of.

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