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A. Good evening I'm Dana mills our top story at. Five thirty Tampa police say the body of a four year old girl has been recovered from the Hillsborough river after she was thrown off, the Columbus. Dry bridge apparently by, her mother chief Brian Dugan much more questions than there. Are answers I apologize for not being able to release any. More information but as you, can understand this is an ongoing scene and things are, unfolding rapidly and we have quite a bit of work. To do You can just imagine the fire rescue, and the. Police officers who responded, to the scene and you know it's the craziness of. The world that we live in a time Dugan says it. Happened around four this afternoon, the bridge is near the intersection of west Columbus drive, and north Rome avenue to the woman is in custody From the. Florida central credit union home. Loans traffic center solid ride continues over the Howard Franklin and Gandy. Bridge into, Tampa and, watch for delays e. Spat on I four between Hillsboro mango road this report is brought to. You by Tampa General Hospital as the regents first and only level one, trauma, center, and, first, and, largest teaching hospital they. Deliver world class care you can't get anywhere else. In Tampa Bay temperature in rural hospital, other hospitals practice medicine other hospitals practice medicine they define it page Carreira NewsRadio nine seventy WFL a. See traffic problems, call the injury firm of Abraham in in Utah traffic tip line Hillsboro eight six six five, four five ninety five ninety. Five news is a service of reimagined office furnishings a, woman is dead, in an army private from. Lakeland is injured after they were hit by to hit and run vehicles on north Galloway early this morning the driver. Of the first, vehicle has turned himself in deputies are searching for the second vehicle. Two thousand white Ford pickup an innocent driver. Was killed this morning in Saint Petersburg Pinellas county deputies say twenty eight year old John o. ah fled because He had a suspended license. And slammed into Fifty-seven-year-old Donald young at forty ninth. Street north and Fifth Avenue north killing him away has been charged with Hitler homicide top US intelligence national security officials say an aggressive effort is. Underway to ensure that November's. Midterm elections are secure they say while Russia is the worst offender. Other countries, may also, pose threats and hurricane. Forecasters at Colorado state university have updated their seasonal forecast there now predicting. Five named storms up from four but they still say they expect below, normal, activity, through, November, because, of El Nino and..

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