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Nineteen year old Nassau County college freshman shot and killed a Jay Patel's body dumped at eighty Third Avenue in two hundred sixty eighth street in queens yesterday afternoon neighbors say the Glen oaks area is typically a quiet area great neighborhood the gangs and everything that doesn't exist around yeah I just saw everyone on their feet everyone just pondering what's going on what's happening like this a sense of worry some with everything that's happening so they said it was just like everyone was just right and I'm like what's what's going on witnesses say a suspect blood in a red Toyota Camry the NYPD searching for a suspect who led a backpack on fire right outside the park slope Jewish center on Yom Kippur the suspect remains at large this morning the FDNY quickly put out that fire if the suspect captured on surveillance I have only armed assailant ranting about Jews tried to force his way into a synagogue in Germany on Yom comport Judaism's holiest day then shot two people to death nearby in an attack that was live streamed correspondent Melissa bell reports from eastern German candles have been left outside of the kebab shop here and how they part all of where this tragedy unfolded here for a gunman made his way from a synagogue just up the road where people gather to celebrate Yom Kippur killing a woman outside the cynical about for failing to get in before making his way down the road and killing a man download Merkel was in Berlin at a ceremony at the synagogue of vigil to mark what happened here and how they two people dead at the ends up all of this tragedy and the town profoundly shaken by the event video of the attack live streams on twitch which said it had worked with urgency to remove it a high stakes trade talks resuming today between the United States and China president trump asked about the possibility of reaching a new tree designer wants to make a deal very badly and if we can make a deal we're gonna make a deal has a really good chance resuming in Washington DC today correspondent Bob brown reporting actor Cuba Gooding junior he has a court date in a Manhattan courtroom to Cuba Gooding junior is charged with misdemeanor sexual abuse the Oscar winner facing two charges stemming from an alleged groping incident at a rooftop bar in June involving a twenty nine year old woman he denies the allegations the alleged victim leaving the bar I'm calling nine one one leading to an investigation by the Manhattan special victims squad his attorney claims video evidence will completely exonerate him I'm Bob brown to seventy seven W. ABC news W. A. B. C. news times SO three traffic sports and weather next wonderful.

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