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Looks like he's going to go one on one with George spins to the left hand off a Turner screen. Left-wing jump shot way up. What a week. Off the glass. With one ten seconds to play. Leslie Matthews with a head scarf in the Pacers. And they ended up winning the game. He left about one and a half seconds on clock their hammer. We'll get to what happened to after Wesley. Matthews scored for the Pacers here. Just a second. That was Mark Boyle on the call one eight to one oh six the final score bankers. Life Fieldhouse last night sports brought to you by Royal spa or relaxing late in the day. Royal spa, you were fired up last night. It's actually something I got to watch I stopped watching like the second half and put the kids they're bad and the Pacers were down by what nineteen? Yeah. Whatever. All right. And then I finally turned it back on when everybody was in bed. I was like oh, man. Three minutes left. It was awesome. I was fired up our jacked up last night. And I'll talk to our pal Kevin Bowen in the hallway from ten seventy the fan. He was there last night. And he said it felt like a college atmosphere like the crowd last night actually willed the Pacers onto a win. But you don't normally see in the NBA NBA. It's a lot of corporate people people on their phones it had a college feel to at last night. Let's take you to that final play of the game Pacers are up by two. This is Mark Boyle and slick Leonard on the call one.

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