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And Devon Booker taken all the shots, and he scores fifty nine and then he's trying to get to sixty at the end of a blowout. And Utah's fouling other guys to keep him from getting to sixty and he didn't get to sixty. And so who's side? Do you take on that one? If you have to pick a side in terms of who's Lamer the sun's losing by thirty scoring fifty nine points trying to get to sixty for no good reason other than it's a round number or the Utah Jazz preventing him by fouling somebody else. I know you're not getting to sixty on. I mean, like, I don't have a problem with either of them, right? And. And the funny thing to me is the outrage that people have about him frying score points. What does he supposed to do try win? Well, no. But but the games already over there down thirty. It's the fourth quarter. I might as well get yours. You wanna try harder than fifty nine points. Right. Like what what else does he supposed to do? And the thing is whenever you hear about players scoring in lost. Right. Your mind travels to well. He was just ball hogging out there. But his first of all he was incredibly efficient and a shots came within the fall of the office. It wasn't him going one on five and decking up shots. He was taking shot that he's supposed to take in the full the offense and doing well. And so I don't have a problem with him hunting that Mark. And another problem with Utah, say not on our watch. But the outrage is the part that makes me laugh people. Oh, his bat sportsmanship. What's he supposed to do? Not shoot. Not score. Right Lee lose by forty. Maybe I don't know my issues with Utah. There. It really is like. Understand Devon Booker. I really do try being selfish. Lord knows I understand that and going and trying to get his sixtieth point Utah. Really like, that's where you draw the line at sixty it gave up fifty something to them. I mean, really fifty nine I love the idea does Utah to put this on the on the poll. Guillermo does Utah. Do the Utah Jazz have the credentials to hit you with a not on our watch. Because they're good at defense. It's about the only thing they're good at they're playing very well. A lot of people were very high in them, meaning to cede. Now, they're up there would be the two seat in the west. We'll right now the five seat in the west. I mean the plane a lot better in the second half. And how many games back take a look at that Utah is just a game two and a half back of the three seats though. I mean wasn't that far off that up? You're not that far off. But are they like are they the team think about this? What difference? Does it make that Utah would be out here saying not on our watch? The Devon Booker sixty. That's what I'll tell you why. Because any Johnson my buddy he was calling the game for the sons and he said because the game was out of hand. Right. The crowd started cheering for Devon book. They he turned the crowd. They actually started cheering. They wanted. Like you at Carrie, okay? He is an entertainer. Exactly. And Quin Snyder apparently took umbrage to the fact that the home crowd was not. Kind of just trying to boot when stop them that they were relishing in this this feet. And so that's why he kinda got petty on. I wanted to do is assume soom zoom and it boom, boom. We talked to the rapper action Bronson his story's really interesting, and he's a huge hordes fan..

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