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I don't know if we jump the gun or not, but we've already created are Pittsburgh Bluejays T shirt on Dan patrick dot com. Mothership reporting that the Blue Jays they're going to be playing most of their games in Pittsburgh most likely to be playing their games in Pittsburgh. So we weigh already mocked up a T shirt there available for all of those Toronto fans who won't be able to see their Blue Jays. And maybe for the Pirates fans who get to see the Toronto Blue Jays come to town. Right. He's Kristen's pro football Talk live co host former NFL quarterback and let me start with the serious question. Where do you rank? You think with your family like, who does your dad loved the most? Ah, I think he loves my sister the most by far. Yeah, She's Ah. You know the girl. She's daddy's girl, So I think you know, she's he's probably one. I'm probably third right now. In my household, I would say that's probably second, you know, so I don't know. Yeah, I'm low on the totem pole. Maybe with Mom and Dad Love me right at this point. Okay. But what does Matt do that would rank him second above you, Who's now a big TV star. He's right. He's around more so living in the same home town, so he's at the house more. And you know, my dad still is like, you know, I wish you still I'm doing my dad. Boys. I wish you still lived here, Frankel Lakes, and you know you could bring the kids over and I'm like What? Dad? I do a show at 7 a.m. Every morning. Do you want me to wake up? But what for 34 o'clock to get there and do it so Yeah, I think it's maybe out of sight out of mind. That's hurt me a little bit. Do you love your dad or your mom or Oh, well, that's not even close. Mom. I mean, that's not even Mom. Come on Dirty. I call her dirty Diana. She's first off. She was a great mom and man. She had a deal with my dad for all these years, and she still although that just tells you how good what was it like, though, When your dad came home. Your dad got beat up a lot. He got roughed up a lot of those years with the Giants and Ah did he bring games home? Uh, yes, he did when they lost. He is not that he was like, you know, matter, yelling at us, or like treating us with disrespect, But when Dad lost, you know, a game to the Philadelphia Eagles and Reggie White Randall Cunningham. You know, there wasn't gonna be any conversations in the car ride home back, you know, from the stadium, and then when he got home, he was goingto. Usually he would pull up his chair. Even have this charity pull it up real close to the TV. And it put his feet up and have the TV about six feet from, um and watch. You know, highlights on that Sunday night football game, but never really say anything to the family the whole night, so that's usually how it went. Wow. Yeah, that's all I wanted to know. Chris. Thanks for joining us his own. I was wondering with these rookie quarterbacks. It's tough enough to get acclimated in the NFL with the speed and all the information. If you're looking trying to handicap this Joe Burrow to Ah, Justin Herbert, who's going to have the easiest transition if you could even won't refer to. It is easy, right? Yeah, it's not easy. You're right. Neither. Or none of the situations are easy, but I do think when I look at it, I go Joe Burrow and to a haven't advantage. I think over guys like Jordan Love who's very raw. It was in a very simple offense. Justin Herbert, not a very complicated offense and creativity there up in Oregon, you know, Joe Burrow got coached by a guy. That's an NFL offensive coordinator and Joe Brady, who worked under Sean Peyton..

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