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Aid target and online. Clean nose, healthy life. Former president Donald Trump hits the campaign trail today for the first time since he announced a third bid for The White House. He'll speak at events in New Hampshire and South Carolina. After multiple water crises in recent years, including in Flint, Michigan and Jackson, Mississippi, vice president Kamala Harris is leading efforts to improve the country's water infrastructure. As part of President Biden's bipartisan infrastructure plan passed last year, $15 billion will go toward an effort to replace every lead water pipe in the country within ten years. Vice president Harris says access to clean and safe water is a right. I think we would all agree there is nothing about this that should be considered a luxury or an option. The administration's plan also includes $5 billion to address lead paint faucets and fixtures in low income houses. Mark remould, ABC News. Winter is not usually mean higher gas prices, but that's what's happening right now, triple-A says the national average for a gallon of regular is up at $3 and 51 cents, more on that from ABC's Mona kosar abdi. Gas prices have increased by 12 cents since last week at 41 cents since last month with states like Colorado, Georgia, Florida, Ohio and Delaware seeing the biggest surge. Variety says the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is conducting a review after the surprise nomination of Andrea risborough for best leading actress for her work in the film two Leslie after a large campaigning operation. This is ABC News. Northwest news radio here early Saturday morning at 8 O four. Four, you say, yeah, a traffic of weather. Every ten minutes on the forest. Let's get to John Nelson with a look at the roads from the high performance

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