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Thirty million dollar hit from hurricane Florence and had six hundred fifty five million dollar fuel cost increase in the quarter, but benefited from a lower share count and changes in the tax law, hurricane Florence caused at least thirty five hundred flight cancellations last month, but ticket prices are up across the board led by business and first class tickets where revenues increased almost twenty percent. Massive damage. I'm Tim Maguire with an AP news. Most of Mexico Beach, Florida was demolished by hurricane Michaels. One hundred fifty five mile per hour winds and massive storm surge. Our lives. Everything we have is gone now and stuff we lost all our cars. Everything there's widespread damage to homes and businesses from Panama City beach to Florida's Big Ben at least three deaths blamed on the storm which rolled through southeast Alabama Georgia into the Carolinas and Virginia and Roberta Georgia, which is south of Atlanta. Sharon Grandy and her husband hid under a couch as a possible tornado hit near their home. We got an accounts. Bracket. He actually was looking out the window and seeing the Shannon more than a million homes and businesses are without power along the path of Michael search teams have found the bodies of two of four people swept away by flash flooding in west Texas, which hit last Sunday. I'm Tim McGuire. More news right after this. The new report says worldwide economic losses from earthquakes volcanic eruptions floods hurricanes and other climate related disasters. Search.

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