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I've already accepted all of them before they happen. That's why when i was diagnosed with cancer like i don't expect you to hear this and go oh well. I got cancer tomorrow. I can do the same. No you had a practice tracks five minute rule for thirty days and and then realize oh i have the power to completely accept everything that is out of my control and therefore give myself the gift if the peace with it and move forward and that really is the lesson well. I don't know how to say this with enough gravity. This is not on a good message so ziglar listeners. I haven't brought you another good message. This is a paradigm shift to instigate massive life off change. I'm going to go back just real quick to where you talked about our innate our ancestry our heritage of survival and arrest that is normal. We have to be we want to be if we want more. We have to be abnormal. We have to be weird. Call it. Whatever you want to so for what you're talking about right there for something bad to happen for something tragic to happen for some folks who were products of tragedy that happened forty years ago to hear what you're talking about into not have long-term anger to not have bitterness than not have sorrow to not have criticism to not have that is is abnormal that is weird. What you said over and over is that that did not just come to you in a little didn't come to you in the fortune fortune cookie message and change your life that you had been training in that ability for days and weeks and months and years and folks that's. I'm going to go back to the books because we have so. I say this a lot. You know there's always more we could talk on. There's multiple shows here in an immense way. You get into these books. Get into this message and study this because i don't know exactly how how that you've brought it in such tangible way way in with such clarity but what you're talking about is massive but i love you also cash it in this takes training. This is every day and back to your miracle morning. This comes in those little deposits every single day. We're just about to wrap this up and then we're going to record the habit show that when people are here in this it'll be the let's see two shows from then and you can hear about more of his habits but that is what he's going back to and like you said with the analogy early on none of it specifically hard. It's not rocket science. It's not dramatically challenging. It's just doing it day in and day out but from that what you've talked about there probably one of the most radical life life changes. I think anybody any of us could experience is to be able to take something deal with it. Move on and like you said i how is that negative feeling going going to help. It's going to do nothing but hurt us and we can let it go. We have that ability but we're going to have to grow it. We're going to have to grow it to earn. I guess that's it. I mean when the car accident happened. I had been practising five minute rule almost every single day for your half when the cancer happened ivan practically ask five minute rule every day for eighteen years. Wow you know so that for me. It wasn't like i learned it and then i applied to to cancer or a learning i applied as beholden to walking and it was a year and a half of practicing it where my my default mindset was like well. We can't change. I'm not gonna be upset about it when we can best it before. It's massive folks. Folks are gonna wanna hear. This is show seven seven seven nine is our habits show which we're gonna record right now to tune into that one man thank you so much for doing and what you've done to bring these messages to us to take the tragedies in your own life and redeem them through the millions of people that you're reaching and for or the tens of thousands you'll reach here on the show and and honestly for me. How thank you so much for being with us. It's an honor man. Thanks for having me friends as you heard me say. I believe this message right here from hal elrod hits at the very root of personal development. Will we take action.

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