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The pandemic post finals. Instant puzzle reaction podcast season to the season. Nobody was waiting for when. Brian windhorst and mr windows first of all. How are you doing tonight. Not season two. Oh no not again. No we're back baby. Well we got. We got a treat game one pretty much a start to finish phoenix win. Beat got his highest twenty. Got cut down to seven by frisky milwaukee. Small ball switch everything. Look which. I'm sure we'll talk about but the small ball was not a failsafe. Phoenix pulled back away at the end. De'andre eight and twenty two in nineteen ninety eight of ten shooting in his first finals. Game devon booker sixteen seventeen twenty seven. Six thousand three ten free throws in the free throw. Edge was massive for the suns in this game in history finals game but the point god has arrived. The point god is here here. You hear you. The point god is in the finals. Thirty two and nine. On twelve of nineteen shooting and straight up cooked barbecued filleted every milwaukee bucks big man to the point that they took them on a game and then fillet brin forms and they need filleted. Pack contin and the game was over chris. Paul is in the finals. The bucks defined a little bit better but defense although according to our buddy ben folks cycling in the glass phoenix's offense was good but not great and really needed. The free throws twenty six free. Throw attempts i think plus ten edge and attempts to be good. Their defense was really good. Maybe that's milwaukee missing some bundy's. We can talk about that. But chris the lead here. Isn't it wendy. He's like The short order cook at like the busiest restaurant. The busiest diner at the at the busiest truckstop in america. Because he has all the moves he can flip the flab jax he. Can you know scramble eggs and sunny side up eggs and grill toast on the grill. And he's cleaning the grill at the same time and it was like he's got four hands everything that gets to him. He computes it. He finds angles. He's he's like the best angle player i've ever seen. Not just where he moves on the court but the way he creates shooting angles. He's like When you were a kid did you ever watch on. Espn when they would have billiards on. And these amazing people would play nine ball. And you'd be like how's he gonna hit the how is she he or she gonna hit that shot. You know what what was the name of the woman the black widow. I can't remember her real name and it would be like they just knew every angle the hit every ball like he'd say there's no way they're gonna make that and they would just do it because they've got their ten thousand dollars. He's got his ten thousand hours and you just see them. You know just just. I could go on and on like a conductor like you know. Compare him short order. Cook billiard pro conductor. I mean just watching him. Operate at the mastery level. And i don't even think he played like other worldly. I've always seen him play better. But under the circumstances just had it under control and and watching him do it and draw fouls and bates and and hunt the switches he wanted. Here's a switch. no. I don't like this which i'm gonna do it again but do another switch amine And you could tell. His teammates have such comfort with him. I mean the way aid was playing with them and there was a one moment. I think it was in the third quarter. We comes over and just puts his forehead against aden's like he's just smiling. I just think about early in the season when he was just screaming at eight. Non stop yet just a. What a chris. Paul game but you know the thing about it is what was the real difference in the game. What is the phoenix suns. I don't know if it's their greatest weapon but it's one of the great weapons that they have and that is at the foul line sack. They are the greatest free throw shooting team in nba playoff history and they went twenty five or twenty six. And it wasn't until the last minute. Jae crowder mr free throw and they made how many more free throws than the bucks did. Let me look it up in front of me. Twenty five for the sons twenty five for the suns nine. Okay because you always gotta you gotta factor in the jaanus is going to get to the line of bunch missa bunch by way. I hope at some point in my life. I can do something with the enthusiasm with which the suns fans counted down. The those guys are like more enthusiastic than a boxing referee counting to ten their all. It was just the facial expressions. I would watch just a fan cam for the honest count on which by the way i still love i think i hope it carries over into the regular season. I absolutely love it. Yeah the vigor every all eighteen thousand into it but so they had sixteen more free throws than they won by thirteen. I know that it's it's not really that simplistic lada sons. Did a lot of things really well but there. They are great in close games. Because they're free. Throw shooting the early on this game. they got with their free. Throw shooting and you know you say booker played. Great book was aimed at twenty one. He played an average game but he was awesome at the foul line. Ten of ten and that made up the difference for him. And so you know it's a basic thing. But they make their free throws they make their free throws it makes a difference. What will what. I previewed the finals. Yesterday i mentioned these are two of the best teams at not. Valid and phoenix also does not get to the line hardly all their twenty ninth and free throw rate and i said if one of these teams can squeeze out an edge at the foul line. Or in the possession game in phoenix. Did did both tonight. Because really it felt like milwaukee had million offensive rebounds. They had nine. They just missed all these weapons in the first half and phoenix on the turnover battle and they got to the line and they made shots of milwaukee was number one in the league in lowest salary. They're the lowest power in the league so for phoenix. Squeeze that i look. I a couple things on c. M. booker number one when they were getting those switches with portis in lopez. I just thought they just made. The they particularly booker made simple plays when the help converge. He kicked it out and trusted his teammates. Bridges hit a big. Three and paul hit a big three off booker passes or he just drove in and got to the line. Just simple. don't over think it just beat the bigeye and flake figure out what comes next and c. p. you mentioned the wizardry. One of the biggest shots at a game was when they had poured us in the game at center and they were switching. I think it was early in the fourth quarter.

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