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Not become vigilante is if they see trouble in their communities the mayor wants people to call nine one one not to take matters into their own hands we're not allowing anyone to take up arms and take matters into their own hands I said this I think every single day this week there have been reports of a vigilante group patrolling the bridge port and armor square neighborhoods the other night the group was made up of mostly white men informed after looting and vandalism started happening after some peaceful protests around the city it is absolutely not appropriate for people to take up arms bats pipes whatever is controlling neighborhoods we've seen that in which tragic results Bernie to for it newsradio one oh five point nine FM there was a violent confrontation this morning when a group protesting the resume demolition of the old Crawford power plant on the southwest side blocked traffic about three dozen protesters walked on road here outside the demolition site blocking traffic truck driver hopped out of his cabin in front of them he pointed to push through the group that included small children shouting shame on push the woman to the ground in front of her two kids and then punched a man in the face activist Laura Ramirez couldn't believe what she was seeing thank you very much we try to punch in the face that was about the truck driver the thirty sixth street police showed up a short time later and moved the protesters they're angry the demolition is continuing after the botched implosion of the four hundred.

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