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The upstart company Harry's is being absorbed by one of the major players under the one point three seven billion dollar agreement announced Thursday investors in Harry's Inc. Will take a stake of about eleven percent of Edgewood personal care company, which manages Schick and other brands edge. Well, gets the Harry's brand and access to the company's prize direct to consumer marketing base. Harry's now steps up to the global stage it'll be marketed through Edgewood enormous distribution channels. Harry's founders Andy Katz Mayfield, and Jeff raider will become co presidents of edgewise US operations when the deal closes probably in early twenty twenty President Trump insists the new tariffs. The US is imposed and two hundred billion dollars of Chinese imports. Bring more money to the US. But it's AP Washington. Correspondent saga megani reports. Studies say that's not the case. The president says the tariffs mean more money in US coffers. Our country can take in one hundred and twenty billion dollars a year and tariffs paid for mostly by China. But study show the tariff Vernon actually falls on American consumers and businesses that by the Chinese imports and with the president threatening tariffs on all Chinese goods coming here. Economist Diane Swonk worries about the impact literally everything we buy that the any kind of a good most of it comes from China. These days the president says ongoing trade talks with China are very congenial. But there's no word of progress on resolving the dispute saga megani at the White House house committees and Trump, I'm Tim Maguire within AP news minute House Ways, and means committee chairman Richard Neal is sent subpoenas to both Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and IRS Commissioner Charles Rettig giving them until next Friday to hand over six years. The President Trump's tax returns manure. Newton rejected earlier requests from Neil House Judiciary committee, chairman Jerrold, Nadler, special counsel, Robert Muller will not testify before his committee next week. Now says he's still talking with the Justice department, and he might subpoena Muller to force them to appear. President Trump raises tariffs to twenty five percent on two hundred billion dollars worth of Chinese goods hours later trade talks in Washington failed to reach a deal. Levy was a trade Representative during the George W Bush administration. I think this is going to be directly painful for US consumers, and you as businesses that use Chinese goods it's gonna make US firms less competitive, a Chinese official quoted a quoted.

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