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Envy was hosting their annual builder roundup showcase as well as a new event called grow. The builder roundup is a who's who of envy partners from around the world. I saw tun of gravel an adventure bikes a few mountain bikes. Fat bike an electric bike and all sorts of amazing things. The words you'll hear in this podcast will be challenged to really express. How truly unique and gorgeous and impressive the craftsmanship. All these bikes were. I encourage you to seek out. These pitchers on the web on instagram of post. Some on my account but really look at the details of these bikes. Because it's clear these craftsmen are exceptional at their work. I wanted to get you an opportunity to hear from some of the craftsman in their own words. So i did some many interviews about a dozen of them. That cobbled together in this episode. You'll notice some variation in the audio as some of the interviews were held in a room while others were on the show floor. But i really wanted you to hear from the builders themselves. So i'm just going to let them fly. And hopefully any ups and downs in the audios will be okay when you walk away from the totality of this episode before we begin just a couple more words about our sponsor and v composites. I got to do a full factory tour while i was out there to see. The rim manufacturing handlebars seat posts and also the full frame set from envy that we talked about with neil shirley few episodes ago a couple things to share about that tour. That really impressed me. First of all all the manufacturing is done in house. We got to see the raw roles of carbon fiber. Come in the templates. In which those roles carbon-fiber are cut and laid into molds to create the various products. That you know so well. We also got to see the elaborate in house testing labs that they run in the various machines that they torture these products with to make sure they obtain the standards. That envy is known for around the world from my vantage point. These machines absolutely abused the products. We saw frame being talked to no end. We saw spokes being ripped out through rim holes. We saw the impact tests machine for rhames was really impressive and clearly when envy get some feedback from the road. Someone saying i was just riding along. They can safely say. There's no way you were just riding along with that. Impac must have been hit by a truck because we know our products are tested to such an extreme standard. So that was really cool. I am a sucker for. us manufacturing. So i was super geeked out and stoke to see not only all the machinery but all the craftsmen and women that were operating in ogden utah and just the passion that they have as a company for creating exceptional products in the marketplace. After the builder round up on friday was saturday mornings groto event. it was a two hundred rider. Events and my first mass participation of since the pandemic began so it was very excited to toe the line nervous. The stated course had over eighty five hundred feet of climbing and i believe was supposed to be clocked at around eighty five miles. I had a little ride in from the hotel so at the end of the day i wrote one hundred miles. Did that eighty five hundred feet of climbing. My total ride. Time was just over eight hours and thirty minutes so it was a huge day out on the bike for me. Hats off to kneel and anybody else who had a hand. in course design. It was really a showcase of the area. We had some beautiful canyon road rides. Single track tough rocky fire road climbs and descents very beautiful surrounding. Just when you thought you were done. Neil through a couple of loops on the way back into town on some interesting single track that ogden had to offer it was really one of those courses that in my opinion tested every element of you as a gravel rider so hard beautiful and challenging a perfect gravel course with all that said. Let's jump right into my dozen many interviews. They're going to jump around a bit. So just follow along. You'll catch up. Each builder introduces themselves. And their brand and gives a little bit of an overview of the bike. They brought to the roundup. I've also got four more long-form interviews coming up off the top of my head breadwinner cycles scarab out of columbia spooky and most likely sage titanium so keep an eye out in your feet for those as well. Let's dive right in all right. Can you tell me your name. And the brand. My name's cole bennett. And i run weis manufacturing. And where are you located in brooklyn new york said. Tell me about this very special bike here at the envy build around. This is our gravel s. l. model. It's a seven thousand series aluminum. Construction and with the carbon seat mass. There's like a gravel racer that we build. It's got a lot of details if you look closely pr- pretty much everything. We don't use any off the shelf parts. So all our dropouts bottom brackets head tubes. We design and have cnc made for us and a lot of our tubing profiles are also custom. So yeah it's been a lot of work went into this thing it's hard to over. The microphone described the back. End of this bike. You try to do at some justice. Sure i'll try so basically all of our frame seven eight. Symmetrical rear ends visit trickle down from our first frame model which is a racing track racing bikes so the is symmetrical rear. End as a stiffer drive side. It's bigger diameter being dropped. Stay just like you'd see in a of race bikes but they do that on both sides. So yeah the gravel bike also is that what is the process. Look like for customer wanting to get one of the right now. it's. I've actually closed orders so the process right now is get on the mailing list and wait for us to release some frame slots but basically the way the process goes is. They're working with me. It's a small operations me and one other person. That's helping me a yeah from start to finish. Its customer experiences a big thing for me so from start to finish. I'm with the customer talking through custom paint custom. Gio everything soup to nuts in that discussion. If they come to you and say hey. I want to six fifty by fifty millimeter tired versus somebody who wants more of a road. Plus bike you. Do you make modifications.

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