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Two walter payton. Nfl man of the year. Nominees you or two one this year in kansas city. And i think one of the reasons why i wanted to talk to you especially in a week like this is that you have really impacted the kansas city community and a your hometown in cleveland heights. Ohio and i just want you to explain if you can you know you have basically a really cool idea with your Your entity seven and running foundation. Because what happens. I'm very bullish on this. I think it's so cool. That a lot of kids who go to schools eatery disadvantage schools or in school systems. That don't have the money that other school systems have. They are not able to get the resources in areas like not only in athletics but in in stem and in other parts of the school system. So i wanna know what motivated you to get as involved as new are particularly when it comes to education of young kids. I'll start off by saying. I grew up a very fortunate. I grew up in a community. Cleveland heights that is it's very multicultural. Very has has a lot of different ethnicities as well as social class and I got understanding of what life was for a lot of people and what that did was it made me understand that you know when you lend a helping hand. You should do that. We just and i. My parents instilled in me and helping out the kansas city community. I mean what they give the chiefs on sundays and throughout the week and all the support all the love. I wouldn't be here without this community. So i i honestly. I felt that it was in need to start eighty seven and running my foundation and It's not just myself that that's helping these kids. It's this community. That's supporting the foundation. A management andrea aaron. That are running foundation that are really kind of tying the putting together everything to make make it all work. And then teaming up with operation breakthrough who helps out the youth throughout the city Communities and have been doing it for years upon years and when they started to really develop the extracurricular stuff in the in the facility I wanted to be a part of that. I wanted to help out. And i thought stem a robotics lab these opportunities. Just i could never even thought about having a robotics lab in my school growing up. And i i had unbelievable school and And i'm just. I'm excited for these kids to be able to have this and to be able to you know have some advantages that they wouldn't have otherwise and I'm very proud. And an honored to represent the kansas city chiefs in this light and in the water paid matter. Man of the year is always been something. That's you know they you can. You can kinda where with your chest chest out and had high. You know it's very. it's very honorable. What's so interesting about. What you've done is n. little. I never ever would look down on anybody giving money to any charitable cause. It's fantastic but basically you know you have by the end of this year you will donate it a million dollars in part you know to your local efforts but the the robotics lab interests me so much just because there's absolutely no way as you say that kids in some disadvantaged areas not only are ever going to walk into a robotics lab butter going to be able to reap the benefits. How do you know if one of these kids one of these two or three hundred kids from the schools are going to use this lab. How do you know that one of them isn't going to become an engineer. An astronaut i mean you just simply don't know what is going to turn on the light bulb in some kid's life and that's why i think focusing on this focusing on anything is great focusing on this. I think especially in a city that needs it. i've is just really cool thing and that's the best. The goal of it right there to just give kids these opportunities to grasp you know. Find love in certain things i mean. I found love in sports. Real early and That's all i ever wanted to do. But it was It was things that that i really wanted to. presented these kids in the kansas city. Community that that could change their life and give them happiness you know. Give them something to do. Give them something to latch onto. And and you know. I think what we've done with Eighty seven Robotics lab is been awesome. Eighty-seven running robotics lab has been awesome. But i think what we're doing with the ignition. Labs for the high school kids knowing operation breakthroughs only a kindergarten through eighth grade. They needed An area for these high school kids to go and work on collaborative efforts And i think This ignition lab is gonna be awesome for for the highschool crowd as well and keep them focused on the things that they they desire and they love and they want to be a part of. I think one of the things. Also that That you've done. Is you focused. A little bit on kind of covid related causes some back in your hometown. Why have you wanted to do something in some things. Covid related Especially for families who are struggling right now. I just kind of explained that you know when you're able to lend a helping hand. I just have the each to do and it just it is what it is and i knew that my community is something that very dear to my heart. Dear to myself the the entire cleveland community. That is something that i cherish being from the two one six a lot in With that being said. I knew that that you know quarantining and everything. That's going on kobe. It's gonna be a struggle for a lot of people in and it's going to hurt him for quite a bit a time..

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