A highlight from Rocky Road (with Stephanie Cutter)


Me. I'm not signing while paul. Call the office bump in the infrastructure road. Here cracking the bridge they got any others Yeah on the twentieth pothole. We can see ground. Mike murphy good to see a brother and get you. We have the perfect person to discuss. All of these developments Veteran a veteran of many national campaigns including some i was involved in veteran of the white house the creator of the precision media firm a behemoth astride the washington environment. There stephanie cutter and future emmy award winner. If if america comes to its senses and we have the voters a little later waclaw. A vast. Hollywood listenership. So we're going to throw the weight of hacksaw tap behind an emmy situation later. Because stephanie cutter up produced in my view A convention of virtual convention that will revolutionize political conventions and drag them from the nineteenth century into the twenty first century In a way that was really noteworthy. Hopefully the emmy people will note that we'll talk more about that later but infrastructure. Yeah here we are we. We are stumbling a little less. Well why don't we do a quick recap for the normal people who listen who aren't obsessed with kremlinology of this day to day. So i'll do the quick recap and you guys correct my malapropism mistakes here but fundamentally we have an hour from you i take this abuse Okay so A bunch of republicans got involved. A bunch of democratic senators negotiate with biden came up with a eight year trillion. Point to plan for the kind of hard infrastructure this most popular bridges roads internet water etc and then the president under pressure from his progressives away a minute don't go make some trillion dollar infrastructure delta republicans. If you don't have a commitment you're gonna pass the multi trillion dollar. The democrats would say social justice and badly needed infrastructure bill republicans would say welfare boondoggle and now. Lightning bolts are being thrown. The republican senators appear to be back on board because president biden said. No no no. I gave my word pass it. Standalone in the progressives are saying wait a minute. we're not gonna get hustled. Here and mitch mcconnell's throwing gasoline on the whole fire. That would that. are there good dramatization of Of what's going on here stephanie. You and. I've been backstage many times when candidates were speaking at press conferences and sawn every once in a while something happens where you just look at each other and say holy shit. This is a problem. Yeah and This this was one of those And so what was your. What was your reaction when you watched all of this unfold. Well actually david you. And i were talking that day Watching it together. And we both

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