Theta Token (and TFUEL) - How To Buy Theta Token in 2021


I want to talk to you guys about theta and how it's going to be one of the biggest next kind of cryptos going up right now. So it's already hunted shooting up. And i just want to explain the background behind it. What's interesting about it and kind of how you can utilize it as one of the main old coins in your kind of thesis and again just for a disclaimer. This is purely educational. This is not investment advice So yeah let's just get into it so theta as you can probably see all right now shooting up not anything too high in the last twenty four hours but compared to the rest of the crypto market with it kinda completely crashing Theta has been picking up ever since kind of Beginning of april or so kinda really high shoot. So it's been around for a while. And i'll just give you guys a little bit of background. About what fate aucoin is right. So it's basically the next is a blockchain youtube or that's at least what they're trying to make it all right so that's why it's kinda something to look at. It is created by one of the co founders of youtube. So steve chen and so there's obviously going to be a lot of financing behind it a lot of investment and a lot of focus. Because he is you know one of the co founders of youtube and so this is kind of his next play. Stability of utilizing the Lessons that they learned at youtube and kind of the issues going on with it and making it into the next big thing so I want to go in this episode and video explaining what fate aucoin is. Why shooting up. Why believe it's going to be one of the next biggest crypto currencies out there and yeah. Let's get right into it so you can see this rise going on and so what exactly is it. is basically a you video network video delivery that they're trying to set up ran a talk about theta fuel to Shortly so t fuel. If you've been seeing that you can see that. There's two cryptocurrencies That are in the highest right. Now if you look in the last twenty. Four hours data and data fuel

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