A highlight from Episode 323: Stick with Sidewalk, yall


Welcome to the three hundred and twenty third episode of the internet of things. Podcast this is your host stacey higginbotham anger co host chris. Albrecht that's a rate. It's not kevin toefl this week. He's on a much needed vacation. But i have brought my friend. Chris albrecht back. He works with the spoon. And if food and smart tech or robots food robots and smart. Tekere is your jam. That crosses your man that's right. That's that's right. Like the pixies saying here comes your man if you're in the food. Robots three hundred and twenty three episodes. Stacey that's astonishing man and you know what there's more we call them. The lost episodes said the episodes. We did it giga Chris the gentleman who forced me to start podcasting low these many years ago. It's been a long time. It has. I know. I tell that story every time he's on but you know it's still. He's still that guy all right this week show. We've got a bunch of stuff we're gonna be talking about. Yes amazon's sidewalk network. Chris will find out how you feel about it. We're also going to be talking about amazon's arbitration clauses and had a stick it to the man. Wow we've got a cyber attack on the world's largest meat supplier and we have the army issuing advice. Orders rather two people working from home to protect their cybersecurity. That's worth a look. We've also got a bunch of fitness stuff. Hydro which makes a connector broers planning to the public fitbit is getting more integrated with google and apple is looking at doing airpods. That are fitness focused and our guest. This week is ken gatto founder and chief technology officer at level home so we are going to be talking about how they are making their smart lock work with all kinds of different ecosystems. It's a fun guest. Were also get here from our sponsor b. square and it's time now to go to a message from another one of our sponsors

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