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Grove Avenue. It's 17 minutes from I 80 94 to the Rhine and in Woodridge Juliet Road is closed between International Parkway in 107th. Railroad crossing work until November, 25th. Visor is launching a pilot program for its coffin 19 vaccine. The vaccine that had developed requires it be shipped and stored at minus 94 degrees, now will be a challenge to they hope to work out with this trial program in New Mexico, Rhode Island, Tennessee and Texas. The company chose the four states to represent the diverse country and the challenges they will face rolling it out for all states. Corona virus. Vaccines that are coming out require two shots, which come weeks apart. Health experts like Dr Tim Callahan at the Texas A and M School of Public Health worries People will get the first shot, but not the second. We have experience with this, for example of the HPV vaccine, where large numbers of individuals get that first dose unnecessarily coming to get the follow up doses that they're supposed to get. He says. The problem is that without the second shot, the vaccine will not work. Mayor Lori Lightfoot appeared on MSNBC this morning and was asked about rolling out a Corona virus vaccine in Chicago. She says Trust is an important factor because the current administration has politicized everything about the pandemic. We've got to build confidence. In the American public that these vaccines are in fact safe because if we only have a small portion of the population take the vaccine, we will accomplish nothing. Like but also stressed that the current administration in Congress needs act quickly on a stimulus bill. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer agrees. A wide ranging coronavirus relief package is badly needed. He urged Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to join the spirit of bipartisan cooperation. The Republican leader should come to the table. And negotiate with Democrats on a bipartisan covert relief bill with a bipartisan process that addresses all of the challenges we now face. Meanwhile, McConnell said a new relief package is one of many things the Senate has to do before the year's over. He also stressed the need to fund the government passed the December 11th deadline. McConnell said. The next few days will reveal a lot about where that's heading and senator took. Grassley will quarantine after being exposed to the coronavirus. The Iowa Republican says he's waiting for his test results, but says he isn't dealing with any symptoms. Presley is the president Pro TEM of the Senate, which makes him third in line to the presidency. Grassley is 87 years old but is known as an avid runner. WGN Sports. Here's Dave innit the injury to bears quarterback Nick Foles. Not as bad as it looked at the time, Coach Matt Nagy says. It's a hip or glute injury and folds his dead today happen. Oh, be with cause dissect the Bears lost tonight It's seven W g M two NFL teams have had players test positive for covert 19. Washington and the Giants both working remotely, and Wichita State basketball coach Gregg Marshall has resigned been allegations of verbal and physical abuse of players here. Receives a settlement of more than seven million David it w G and sports and now the WGN forecast mostly sunny skies across Chicagoland this afternoon will watch our temperatures climb into.

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